👊 King of the Cage: “ASCENSION” Official Results & Photographs

Sunday June 12, 2016 On Friday, June 10, 2016, King of the Cage: “ASCENSION” returned to Embassy Suites Albuquerque Hotel & Spa in New Mexico for another spectacular evening of live MMA action. You will be able to check out this event on Kingofthecage.com. 

The night showcased some of the best local fighters New Mexico has to offer. These fighters come from the top schools in the likes of FIT NHB, Judgment MMA, Jackson-Wink Academy, 10th Planet BJJ, Santa Fe BJJ, Lookout Gym, Lean Mean, Impulse MMA, 505 Fight Factory, Force of 1 MA, and Perez Fighting Systems.

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King of the Cage (KOTC) delivered an action packed event thanks to the brains behind the match making Mr. Jonathan Judy. The event was on fire with the voice that can bring the crowd to their feet as Ring Announcer Dan Stone introduced the fighters to the cage.

The event started with seven Amateur fights including the KOTC World 135 Amateur Championship. The KOTC event ended with two Professional fights. These amateur and pro fighters left it all the cage and gave the crowd exactly what they paid for. Family and friends cheered as their fighters walked in the cage and if you were there you can feel the excitement and love for these warriors. 

The first amateur fight was Chris Rojas who took on Malcolm Mitchell. These fighters started the evening with a bang, as they exchanged blows until Chris dropped Malcolm and mounted him and dropped some bombs until he finished him with a rear-naked choke at 1:49 in round one. Next up was Chase Emner who fought against Javier Rodriguez. They went two full rounds with hard exchanges at one point Javier was in trouble as Chase almost had him in rear-naked choke. Round two started and with no hesitation from Javier getting Chase against the cage and delivering devastating punches until the ref saved Chase with 45 seconds in the second round.

The third fight of the amateur card was the crowd favorite Chris Brown who took on Nikko Nathan. This fight was a fight the crowd will remember. The fight was full of non-stop action, back and forth with exchanges with both fighters mounting each other trying to stop the fight with ground and pound. They went like this in all three rounds until finally Chris takes down Nikko with full mount and starts dropping bombs until the ref stops the fight at 1:07 in the third round. What a show theses two athletes gave the crowd. Blake the owner of The loaded Joe’s MMA Podcast that’s exclusive to FightBookMMA.com cought up with Chris after his fight. You can check it out by going to the Facebook page by clicking here.

Next up was Ernesto Saldivar vs. Kyle Sparks. This fight was so fast that if you blinked you missed the fight. Ernesto Salvidrez defeated Kyle Sparks by Tap Out due to a rear-naked choke in 0:50 of Round 1. Next up was the woman’s fight as Ireland Moran took on the champ Cynthia Arceo. This fight was not for the title but that didn’t stop these female fighters from leaving it all in the cage. Five rounds of non-stop action as both fighters were trying to finish one another. Cynthia in all rounds was in control and at the end Cynthia defeats Ireland by unanimous decision. Next up we saw Jesse Martinez who took on Fernando Sanchez in the sixth fight of the night. Another fast fight as the finish came by Jesse hurting Fernando with punches dropping and mounting him and in just 33 seconds finishing Fernando by TKO due Strikes. 

Up next was the last amateur fight of the night. This fight was for the Vacant KOTC World 135lb Amateur Championship. Khari Snowden fought against Esias Gordo. This fight showcased heart from theses two warriors. In all five rounds was nothing but war. Both fighters left it all in the cage as they should considering it was for the belt. Exchanges came from both fighters with takedowns to mounts with ground and pound to almost submitting one another. The crowed was on their feet as family and friends cheering their favorite fighter. After a five round hard-fought war, Elias Gordo defeats Khari Snowden by unanimous decision #AndNew KOTC Amateur Flyweight Champion. What a war!

The next two fights were the Pro fights. First up was Mario Ramos vs. Evan DeLong. This fight didn’t last long, both fighters rushed each other trying to be the first to hurt one another. They ended up in a clinch until Evan finished Mario by Tap Out due to a Guillotine Choke in 42 seconds of Round 1. The last fight of the night was Omar Acosta vs. Anthony Rozema. Another fast fight, both fighters started the round exchanging blows until Omar took Anthony to the ground and securing a rear-naked choke at the 2:04 mark in Round 1. 

What a spectacular event with a stacked and exciting card as all fighters didn’t disappoint leaving everything in the cage. Don’t forget to show your support and head out to the KOTC website and like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Below you will find the official results and photographs of this event.

By: Roberto Villa
Owner of FightBookMMA.com
Photo Credit: Roberto Villa



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