👊 King of the Cage: New Beginning Recap, Official Results And Photographs

WORLEY, IDAHO (Mon, November 2017)– King of the Cage: New Beginning at the Coeur d’Alene Casino on November 16th 2017 did not disappoint at all! King of the Cage always puts on such a professional show and I was blessed to be part of it, doing LIVE results on the night. The night started a little late due to someone (who probably lost their job) from the Coeur d’Alene Casino forgetting to call an ambulance to be on-site for the fights. No Ambulance, no fights! As with any MMA event, the SOLD OUT crowd began drinking early and heavy weight fighter Rocky Sherwood tried to keep them entertained and fire them up for the fights.

The first fight of the night started at around 8:15pm with Austin Williams VS Robert Johnson. Austin Williams took a shot to an accidental hard shot to the nuts at the end of round one, but like any warrior toughed it out. As round two started you could see that Williams was still in pain. Williams and Johnson put on another great round of fighting, but Williams was not able to continue passed the 2nd round. For the best athletic cups around, we highly recommend you check out Diamond MMA

The next fight we saw 2 dudes ready for WAR in Kevin Sanchez VS Adam Lee Cool in a heavy weight bout. If you blinked though you would have missed this fight as it was over in just 21 seconds of the 1st round. Kevin Sanchez opened up Adam Lee Cool in a few spots after taking him to the ground. You would have thought elbows did the damage but it was pure power from the hands of Sanchez.


In the 3rd fight of the night we saw Brady Hiestand VS Taylor Rogers at 145lbs, with Hiestand getting the win via rear naked choke just 1:18 into the 2nd round. Rogers immediately stood up to contest that he didn’t tap and Referee Randy Silva was having none that! “Come At Me Bro”!


The big boys were up next with Chansey Blanton VS Matt Rowley. Blanton was ready to brawl for sure and ended this fight just 22 seconds in the 1st round! Heavy Weight fighter Rocky Sherwood was in the cage quicker than flies on well you know what to try and give Blanton a victory lift!


In the 5th fight of the night, we saw a re-match between Dan Gadley and Nick Masonholder. Their first bout ended with a “controversial” decision win for Gadley. He was able to cement the win by submitting Verbal Tap Out/Americana at the 1:48 marker of the 1st round!


The fight between Kody Eillers and Brent Fisher was a war from the start! Both landing YUGE shots! Ultimately, it was Brent Fisher getting the KO finish just 13 seconds into the 3rd round.

In the 7th fight of the night we had Jimmy Molina VS Cameron Robinett in a 170lb bout. Robinett came out swinging and ready to put it all on the line against a very game Molina. Molina was not able to continue after the 1st round, giving Robinett the win on the night!


The 8th fight of the night was supposed to be “The Infamous” Killian Estes, but his opponent Ryan Thaxton pulled a No-Show leaving Killian without an opponent once again. This was one of the fights I was really looking forward to. Killian will take his 9-0 record to the King Of The Cage World Amateur Title on December 9th in Reno so keep your eyes open for that!

The next four fights were the Pro Fights of the night and they were all very exciting to watch! The 1st Pro fight of the night was Chris Dempsey VS Elijah Ross. Elijah looked superb and landing crisp punches while staying patient. Ultimately landing a very violent elbow and finishing off Dempsey with punches at 2:16 of the first round!

The 9th fight of the night was Jacob Smith VS Dakota Schnall at 145lbs. Schnall dominated this fight from the beginning and finished the fight at the 3:43 marker of the first round! Thank you to Dakota for giving Top Rated MMA some love after the fight too! Can’t wait to see you back in the cage!


The Pro heavy weight bout was Rocky Sherwood VS local favorite Jordan Currie. This was a mis-match in my opinion. Rocky Sherwood was extremely professional and stepping into the cage for the first time since 2011. Jordan Currie only had to throw one punch in the fight, but finished the fight just 45 seconds via choke into the first round when Rocky shot in for the takedown. Great sportsmanship by both guys! Jordan Currie then called on Tony Lopez for a rematch! Hope we get to see that one again!


Prior to the main event, local fighter Christopher Schell made a scene by talking trash to his bitter rival Killian Estes which almost turned into a full on high school brawl in the men’s bathroom. These two fought awhile back with Killian Estes ending the fight via TKO / Ref Stoppage in the first round. They will get to have their rematch in February when both of them will make their pro debut on February 16th.

The final fight of the night was the only one to go the distance as UFC / Invicta Vet Liz Phillips took on Nicole Johnson at 145lbs. It was a back and forth fight with Liz Phillips getting the win unanimously.

I have said it before and I will always say it. King Of The Cage puts on great shows and always has great fighters on the card! Thank you to King Of The Cage and all the fighters on the night! Thank you to FightBookMMA for getting us set up with the seats for the LIVE results! Thank you to Anglesey Family Chiropractic & Massage Center for taking photos on the night! If you are in the Spokane Valley area, please be sure to check them out!