👊 King of the Cage: Territorial Dispute Recap & Official Results

SLOAN, IOWA (Sun, April 16, 2017)– King of the Cage returned to WinnaVegas Casino Resort in Sloan, Iowa on Saturday, April 15, 2017 as they hosted KOTC: Territorial Dispute.

This event was broadcasted LIVE and free in over 50 million U.S. households on the MAVTV (214 DIRECTV, 810 Verizon FiOS) network. Below you can find the complete recap and official results. MMA announcer Dean Stone introduced the fighters as they get ready to fight in the KOTC Cage. Follow Dean on Twitter by going here.

This was a stacked event as the headliners put it all on the line. We saw a welterweight showdown in the main-event between Kyle Angerman as he took on David Garcia. In the co-main event the crowd also witnessed a Women’s Atomweight battle between Kelly Vilarino who took on Grace “Thai Kitten” Cleveland.

The Live televised fights started off with Tyeray Knuckles who took on Jorge Serrano. In Round 1 Knuckles wasted no time and started the round with brutal leg kicks. Jorge staying calm until Knuckles fails with a spinning backfist and that’s when Serrano took down Tyeray and had top control the rest of the round. Round started off the same with Tyeray coming in with kicks. This time Serrano is able to find his range and connects with a nice Right hook that hurt Tyeray and finishes the fight via TKO/Strikes
in Round 2 at the 1:02 mark.

The next fight the fans saw a fight between AJ Dobson as he took on William Whitehead. In Round 1 both fighters wasted no time trying to finish the fight early. Both fighters successful with their punches until Dobson connects a brutal liver shot that drops Whitehead. Dobson takes advantage and takes Whitehead’s back and starts his ground and pound until the ref stops the fight.  Your winner AJ Dobson by TapOut due to Strikes in Round 1 at the 1:43 mark.

Next up Bradan Erdman taking on Lawrence Crutchfield. In Round 1 both fighters coming in hot as Eerdman gets Lawrence in a clinch against the cage. They separate and Crutchfield gets hit with a low blow. Crutchfield is ready to go and they meet center cage, Bradan with several attempts to take down Lawrence until he finally was able to take him to the matt. Bradan with top position starts to drop bombs until the ref saw enough. The fight ends with Bradan Erdman defeating Lawrence Crutchfield via TKO (Strikes) in Round 1 at the 4:43 mark.

Up next is a fight between Andy Varela as he takes on Blaze Gill. As soon as the bell rang Varela comes in with headkicks, one of those kicks wa caught by Gill and takes Andy to the matt. They end up on their feet and end up in a clinch against the cage. Gill is able to throw body shots and is able to take Varela down again and takes side control with Gill dropping punches until the bell rang. The start of Round 2 both fighters looking tired after a hard-fought first round. Gil takes Varela down and gets top position and wasted no time with his ground and pound. Gil not wanting to punch himself out he decides to make Varela stand up. Gil comes forward and punches Varela with a Right hook that drops Varela and the ref stops the fight. Blaze Gill defeats Andy Varela via TKO due to Strikes in Round 2 at the 2:36 mark.

The next fight was Jesse Rogge taking on Austin Peterson. Round 1 starts and Rogge rushes right in and gets the clinch against the cage.  Rogge tries to get Austins back but decides to stat in the clinch. They end up on the ground and Rogge tries to sink in the choke. Peterson defends it well and reverses Rogge and Austin takes Peterson’s back to sink in a choke of his own. He successfully sinks it in and Peterson chokes out Rogge in the first round at the 2:34 mark.

In the co-main event the ladies take center stage as Grace Cleveland takes on Kelly Vilarino. In Round 1 Cleveland with the clinch takes down Vilarino and ends on top and starts dropping bombs. Vilarino with a quick attempt at an armbar but Cleveland is successfully defending it well. Vilarino lets her arm go and that’s when Cleveland is able to get on her back. Grace gets top position looking for the finish. Just like that Cleveland gets an armbar and finishes the fight as Kelly taps out at the 4:14 mark.

In the main-event, David Garcia took on Kyle Angerman. Round 1 starts with Garcia getting in his kicks pretty quick. Angerman patiently waiting for his opportunity and he gets it. Kyle connects with punches and takes down David hard to the matt. Angerman with side control attempting to get a choke. Garcia not able to get out of Angermans position until Kyle is able to get Garcias back and starts to drop bombs. The ref saw enough and calls the fight as Kyle Angerman defeats David Garcia via TKO due to Strikes in the first Round 1 at the 3:07 mark.

The night was full of action and the fans were not disappointed. This event will be broadcasted in over 50 million U.S. households on the MAVTV (214 DIRECTV, 810 Verizon FiOS) network. Check your local listings for show times.


Christian Herbeck def. Ben Wescott
Verbal Tap Out/Strikes
0:31 Round 1

Adriel Sandoval def. Troy Roggenbuck
Tap Out/Inverted Heel Hook
1:41 Round 1

Steven Merrill def. Eric Kemper
Tap Out/RNC
2:53 Round 1

Jorge Serrano def. Tyeray Knuckles
1:02 Round 2

AJ Dobson def. William Whitehead
Tap Out/Strikes
1:43 Round 1

Bradan Erdman def. Lawrence Crutchfield
4:43 Round 1

Blaze Gill def. Andy Varela
2:36 Round 2

Austin Peterson def. Jesse Rogge
Tap Out/RNC
2:34 Round 1

Grace Cleveland def. Kelly Vilarino
Tap Out/Arm Bar
4:14 Round 1

Kyle Angerman def. David Garcia
3:07 Round 1

Drako Rodriguez def. Julius Lopez
2:09 Round 4

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