👊 MMA Veteran Tom Vaughn Joins King of the Cage


RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA. (August 8, 2016) – King of the Cage, the leader in casino mixed martial arts entertainment, is proud to announce that veteran MMA Coach and Manager, Tom Vaughn, has joined King of the Cage as a matchmaker for the promotion for all shows on the East Coast and Midwest.

A veteran of MMA for over 20 years, Vaughn is the Co-Owner of one of the powerhouse gyms in New Mexico, FIT NHB Fight Gym, and has been the promoter for numerous King of the Cage shows in the southwest since 2007 and is the longest MMA promoter in the “Mecca for MMA,” New Mexico. He has also developed numerous MMA fighters into well-known stars of the sport.

Vaughn has produced champion after champion including King of the Cage Champions Tim Means, Thomas Schulte, Frank Baca, Brenda Gonzales, Donald Sanchez, Tim Sosa as well other big stars Carlos Condit, Ray Borg, Charles Bennett, Amber Brown, Tyler East, Gerald Lovato, Gerald Sedillo.

Terry Trebilcock, Founder and CEO of King of the Cage, states, “Tom has been working with KOTC for many years promoting our shows around the country. We are very excited that he now will be doing the matchmaking for more of our events and know he will find the finest talent to continue to produce exceptional shows that KOTC is known for.”

“I want to thank Terry Trebilcock for this opportunity and am very proud to be a part of King of the Cage since 2007,” said Tom Vaughn. “While other organizations are counting the number of fighters they moved on to the ‘big show,’ King of the Cage continues to build successful fighters and fight careers like it’s another day at the office. It’s all big to us. This is where it happens….” “I consider that an important factor in finding and building new stars. Whether it be developed or undeveloped talent my forte is spotting individuals with the “it” factor. I’m always looking for our next star.”

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