(Sofia. 31 March 2017) The third day of the 2017 IMMAF European Open Championships concluded this evening in Bulgaria at the EFE Hotel Marinela Sofia.

Hosted by the Bulgarian MMA Federation (BULMMAF), 33 matches took place under IMMAF Amateur MMA Rules.

See below for the official results:


Bout 1: Female Flyweight (-125lbs): Anja Saxmark (Sweden) def Beckie Ainscough (UK) via Rear Naked choke Round 3 1:24

Bout 2: Female Bantamweight (-135lbs): EvaMy Persson (Sweden) def Chamia Chabbi (Finland) via Armbar Round 2 2:1

Bout 3: Male Flyweight (-125lbs):  Hussain Abdulla (Bahrain) def David Fogarty (Ireland) Via Unanimous Decision

Bout 4: Male Flyweight (-125lbs):  Nikolay Ivaylov (Bulgaria) def Dennis Ryden (Sweden) via Triangle choke round 2 2:17

Bout 5: Male Flyweight (-125lbs): Sanan Safarli (Azerbaijan) def Roland Yacoubian (Lebanon) via Unanimous Decision

Bout 6: Male Flyweight (-125lbs): Berik Shinaliyev (Kazakhstan) def Dylan Kennedy (Ireland) via Unanimous decision

Bout 7: Male Bantamweight (-135lbs): Marco Zannetti (Italy) def Stefanos Kyriakides via Guillotine choke Round 2 0:59

Bout 8: Male Bantamweight (-135lbs): Adam Amarasinghe (UK) def Darren oBrian (Ireland) via Unanimous decision

Bout 9: Male Bantamweight (-135lbs): Mario Moreno (Portugal) def  Rostislav Raichev (Bulgaria) via Triangle  choke round 2 1:57

Bout 10: Male Bantamweight (-135lbs): Daryl Clarke (Ireland) def Florian Doskja (Albania) via Split decision

Bout 11: Male Featherweight (-145lbs): Hoger Salih (Sweden) def Austin Lynch (Ireland) via Unanimous decision

Bout 12: Male Featherweight (-145lbs):Delyan Georgiev (Bulgaria) def Jack Maguire via Unanimous decision

Bout 13: Male Featherweight (-145lbs): Eemil Kurhela (Finland) def Gerhard Corr (Northern Ireland) via Unanimous decision

Bout 14: Male Lightweight (-155lbs): Ferdun Osmanov (Bulgaria) def Jonathan Ortega (Mexico) via Unanimous decision

Bout 15: Male Lightweight (-155lbs): Ziiad Sadaily (Russia) def Scott Harvey (Ireland) via Armbar Round 1 1:21

Bout 16: Male Lightweight (-155lbs):Tobias Harila (Sweden) def Ciaran Clarke (Ireland) via KO Round 2 2:56

Bout 17: Male Lightweight (-155lbs): Iordan Marinov (Bulgaria) def José Teixeira (Luxembourg) via Unanimous decision

Bout 18: Male Welterweight (-170lbs): Nikolay Nikolov (Bulgaria) def Isakov Issa (Belgium) Via Split decision

Bout 19: Male Welterweight (-170lbs): Axel Karlsson (Sweden) def Alex Elsey (UK) via Unanimous decision

Bout 20: Male Welterweight (-170lbs): Oskar Biller (Sweden) def Dawid Zan (Poland) via Unanimous decision

Bout 21: Male Welterweight (-170lbs): Jokhar Taimuskhanov (Kazakhstan) def Henri Dimitri (France) due to injuries before the bout

Bout 22: Male Middleweight (-185lbs): Khaled Laallam (Sweden) def Valeri Atanasov (Bulgaria) via Unanimous decision

Bout 23: Male Middleweight (-185lbs): Florian Aberger (Austria) def Balázs Kárászi (Hungary) via Unanimous decision

Bout 24: Male Middleweight (-185lbs): Heytham Rabhi (Sweden) def Rusi Minev via Armbar Round 2 0:53

Bout 25: Male Middleweight (-185lbs): Dario Bellandi (Italy) def Tom Crosby (UK) via Split decision

Bout 26: Male Light Heavyweight (-205lbs): Pawel Zakrzewski (Poland) def Hristo Bonchev (Bulgaria) via Unanimous decision

Bout 27: Male Light Heavyweight (-205lbs): Anton Turkalj (Sweden) def Gabriele Bartoni (Italy) via Triangle choke Round 2 2:31

Bout 28: Male Light Heavyweight (-205lbs): Kudaibergen Toleubayev (Kazakhstan) def Christoffer Hillsjo (Sweden) via Unanimous Decision

Bout 29: Male Light Heavyweight (-205lbs): Imad Hoayek (Lebanon) def Doupona Dominic (Austria) via Split Decision

Bout 30: Male Heavyweight (-265lbs): Berat Berisha (Norway) def Lukasz Sniadecki (Austria) via KO Round 1 0:50

Bout 31: Male Heavyweight (-265lbs): Daniele Matiddi (Italy) def Scott Trelford (Northern Ireland) via Split Decision

Bout 32: Male Heavyweight (-265lbs): Daniel Yankov (Bulgaria) def Ion Grigore (Romania) via Unanimous decision

Bout 33: Super Heavyweight (+265lbs): Irman Smajic (Sweden) def Damian Visenjak (Austria) via TKO Round 1 2:19


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