2017 IMMAF World Championships official press conference reveals more details

BAHRAIN (Wed, October 25, 2017)– Press conference for the 2017 Brave International Combat Week was held in Bahrain. Brave International Combat Week will feature 2017 IMMAF World Championship and Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions during 12 till 19 of November. The press conference was presided by Kerrith Brown IMMAF President, Densign White CEO IMMAF, Mohammed Darwish, Khalid Alkhayyat President of BMMAF and Mohammed Shahid, President of Brave Combat Federation.

Kerrith Brown, the President of IMMAF has revealed that the event in Bahrain will be the biggest by IMMAF so far. The event in Bahrain will feature the most number of athletes along with the highest number of female athletes participating. So far 375 athletes from 45 nations are confirmed for the event making the biggest IMMAF World Championships hosted by any nation so far. The event will be televised live for the first time. 42 female athletes will compete in six weight classes during the IMMAF World Championships.

IMMAF World Championship is the world’s most prestigious amateur Mixed Martial Arts tournament, and 2017 will exceptionally mark the first time the event is conducted outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Bahrain will be the first Asian or Arab country to host an IMMAF World Championship, and indeed the first country to host the event outside of the USA. Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions will feature 32 athletes representing 21 nations making it the biggest fight card in the history of Middle East. Three championship titles will be featured in the premium fight card of Brave Combat Federation.