5 Questions with Adam “The Maverick” Assenza before BTC 2

CANADA (Sun, August 20, 2017)– Before the always-exciting Adam “The Maverick” Assenza returns to action at BTC 2 on Sept. 9 in Oakville, Ont., the dynamic Ontario-based striker sat down with FightBookMMA.

How did you find MMA in the first place?

I was a former gymnast training sixteen or seventeen hours a week and I quit that. My buddy took me to an MMA gym, “I think you’ll be good at this. You get into a lot of fights and you’re super athletic, I think you should try this out.” I remember being a fan of the UFC when it started to blow up, so I went in there and started training. I was hanging with the pro fighters just off my athleticism – just doing what most guys can’t so that’s how I got into it.

How’s camp going for this fight?

It’s going wonderful, man. Getting lots of partners in, getting lots of work done. I’ve got a multitude of phenomenal coaches. Fighting is fun to me so it’s not actually work.

How do you feel about most recent fight?

I feel good about it. I came out and I was connecting really well at the beginning with those first couple of shots. I thought I hurt him, so I just took my time with stations and connected a little bit more. I got poked in the eye and I knew he was hurt too, so I went in for the kill.

How does it feel to be back with BTC?

Oh man, it’s awesome. I can’t say enough good about who’s putting on the show. It’s so nice to have MMA back in Ontario. It’s been so long since we’ve had a show here. There are plans for the future to keep doing more after these two. She loves the sport, she loves to promote, and she has a lot of connections. She wants to make sure MMA is back in Ontario, so I’m happy with that.

To be on a show like this, where the future is very bright for Ontario, does that further motivate you?

I don’t need any motivation to fight. I could go fight an opponent and I’ll be throwing spinkicks and that other crazy shit I do, anyway. It doesn’t matter if it’s a high profile fight or not. If someone were to give me three options and the other two are better options to take – I’d still take the fight every time. The good thing about fighting on BTC is that these upcoming shows give me a place to show my skills and prepare accordingly. I used to have to go all over the states and Canada and sometimes those shows or fights get cancelled and you’re not a priority to them. So you don’t end up getting the fight at all, that’s the worst thing. I’m happy it’s an Ontario show and I’m an Ontario fighter – I’m a priority on there, I’ll get an opponent regardless.


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