A Podcast With A Pulse

Thursday September 17, 2015– There seems to be a lot of the same when it comes to podcasts. You have the regurgitated main stream news, the little informed, laced with love of combat sports and then the stand outs. “The loaded Joes MMA Podcast” is one to watch out for.

When I first tuned in I noticed  they aren’t some trolls sitting in their mom’s basement. They are knowledgable with experience in the sports and funny. It’s clear that they are not holding back on opinions or hot topics. Asking their guests some off the wall questions in a segment called “random ass questions” I was even more intrigued. Some innocent questions and some edgier and controversial had me wondering

Who the hell are these guys?

Just your average MMA fans, mixed with some inside knowledge. The feel of the show is drinking a beer before fight night shooting the shit with friends. Just add in  stand outs like Nick  Gonzalez, Desmond Green, Emanuel Newton and Ray Borg. My living room normally isn’t filled with these guys but the vibe is that they are.

So if you’re looking for news updates, opinion, some fun banter and skits with a couple of characters check them out HERE!!

By: Korey Lane

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