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Our website covers MMA, Boxing and everything Combat Sports. We have dedicated writers and receive Press Releases from the UFC, Bellator MMA, WSOF, LFA, Titian FC, King of the Cage, PBC, Golden Boy Promotons and more!

We interview fighters from Pro’s to Ammy’s.

We’re on location in the USA, Canada and England covering different promotions. We work very close with King of the Cage as CEO/President Roberto Villa is Editor-in-Chief.

On average we publish anywhere from 5 to 15 articles daily. This all depends on the Press Releases or what Breaking News is out there. As you can see we are very busy, and we continue to grow on all social media platforms. So why not join the family and advertise with us.

For more information on the Affordable Options we offer, shoot us an email and we will get back to you A.S.A.P.

As always we appreciate the support.


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