Ahmed Amir signed to fight at Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions

Ahmed Amir has announced his latest contract with Bahrain based Brave Combat Federation. Ahmed Amir is one of the key figures of Mixed Martial Arts in the Arab world. Competing at the welterweight division of Brave Combat Federation, he has a six fight win streak. The Egyptian fighter has relocated to Kuwait to focus upon his MMA career. Ahmed Amir will fight at welterweight division at Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions.

“It is a remarkable opportunity for me to be part of the Brave International Combat Week in Bahrain. I would love to use this opportunity to represent the Arab world and to prove our sporting excellence. The growth of MMA was systematic and dynamic in the Middle East due to the intervention of His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa. The current status of the sport is focused on development of the athletes. Any support that athletes of Middle East receive is valuable and it helps them to highlight the pride and legacy of the Arab World.” said Ahmed Amir.

The international athlete had risen to fame after shocking the MMA world by defeating the Jiu Jitsu expert from the United States of America – Richie Martinez, after reversing submission attempts thrice. In the fourth edition of Brave, Ahmed Amir had victory by technical submission over Kevin Kobdolsky who trains under the coach of Conor McGregor at Straight Blast Gym, Ireland.


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