Al Selawe releases statement against claims by Hadbi

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Jarrah Al Selawe had released a statement against the claim by Hadbi tha​t he fractured his hand during the first round of the fight against Al Selawe. Al Selawe had faced Hadbi in Jakarta, Indonesia in the twelfth edition of Brave Combat Federation. The fight went the distance and Al Selawe won the bout by unanimous decision. With five straight wins in the promotion, Al Selawe has the most number of victories in Brave Combat Federation and has the claim to compete against Carlston Harris for the Welterweight championship.

With multiple victories in the division, Al Selawe also established as the top fighter from the Middle East in any global promotion.

The statement he released is as follows:

“I fought and won against Tahar Hadbi. I saw a post by Hadbi claiming he broke his hand in the first round, and that he’s going to teach me a lesson next time. Honestly, Tahar and I were inside the cage, and we both know when you broke your arm, it was at the end of the 3rd round. Anyway, you asked for this fight, and I agreed. You should make no excuses and admit that I won the fight. I controlled you from the first minute, I was the better fighter also until the end. I won this fight, I hope you get better and we see you fighting in the cage again.”, said Al Selawe.


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