Alaska’s Jarel Askew chases gold to Team Alpha Male

(Wed, July 5, 2017)– Jarel Askew has established himself as one of the sport’s top prospects, earning a 10-4 record with nine finishes since making his pro debut in 2012.

The Team Alpha Male product, who recently won the Alaska FC Welterweight Championship, recently spoke with FightBookMMA.

If, when you were younger, someone told you that one day, you would be fighting for a living, would you have believed them?

That’s a tough one. I’d say yes and no. Yes, because I was always getting into fights. But no, because I was always a small kid and not very athletic. I was kind of scrawny and not too good at sports.

What is it that brought you all the way from Alaska to California?

My team in Alaska had an affiliate deal with Team Alpha Male’s gym, at the time. So I came out here because I was one of the top guys at my gym in Alaska. When I came, I went to Nopah and I saved up some money and went to California with three teammates for two to three weeks to learn stuff to teach my team back home. We don’t have the resources for stuff like this back home in Alaska like in California, so I wanted to learn things to teach them. After spending the time back here, it was no secret that if I wanted to succeed I had to move. They do things down here on a whole other level. It was a real eye-opener. I had never wrestled before I came down here, but I had fights. So if I wanted to be really good at wrestling and I wanted to take this thing as far as I can, which is the top, I needed to learn how to wrestle and fight with these guys.

How long have you been in California for?

I believe we are going on three years, very soon.

How much have you improved in that time?

It’s night and day. I’ve improved so much. Before I moved out here, I didn’t honestly know how to fight technically outside of jiujitsu. It’s always been my strongest aspect. When it comes to boxing, wrestling, muay thai, all of that, I didn’t have any of it down before I went.

When would you like to return to action?

I’d like to fight again in mid-August, onward and I’ll be good to go. I’ve been icing my ankle, but I’ll be good to go in a few weeks.

A year from today, where would you like to be as a fighter?

I would like to be in the UFC or on the verge of being in the UFC.