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Alex Reyes: Game Plan “Executioner”

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Shooting for the stars is an understatement when it comes to the meteoric rise of Alex “The Executioner” Reyes (11-2-0). If it involves anything athletic, Reyes is wall to wall action, setting his scope on an outcome that is nothing short of excellence. Reyes is the type of fighter who thrives while competing because he views competition as a problem that requires a solution, and this particular athlete finds pleasure in designing a game plan and carrying it out with his talents, technique, and heart to defeat the best of the best. As an MMA athlete, Reyes’ competitive fire to push himself has accompanied an eleven fight win streak and King of the Cage (KOTC) titles in two weight divisions.

Currently riding a fantastic stretch of victories, one might predict Reyes earned his nickname, “The Executioner”, for possessing the ability to line his opponents up and turn their lights out via knockout or submission. You envision a fighter who finishes nine out of eleven fights in the first round to swing madly around the cage, though Reyes is quite the contrary; he is calculated and measured. He described where he got his nickname,

“I got the name [“The Executioner”] from my brothers. I like to fight very technically, and I like to go out there and “execute” the game-plan.”

Reyes is an extremely talented fighter and has accomplished a great deal so early in his MMA career. Reyes’ end result is to truly test himself against the top fighters from around the world, and the best opportunity for such a challenge resides in the UFC’s Octagon. Reyes shared his intentions for what his future holds in mixed martial arts.

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By: Dave Madden

(Photo by J-One Munar Pascual)


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