Alex Wiggs turns up the heat in the 3rd at Brutaal Genesis MMA

Alex Wiggs (3-2) impresses after he unloads in the 3rd round, and grabs a decision over a hesitant Luis Saldana(10-5) July 28th, at Brutaal Genesis MMA in Des Moines, Iowa. In a fight where it appeared a very skilled and experienced saldana, it looked as if Saldana was waiting for just the right moment to execute a devastating strike(s), but that moment never came, as Wiggs gained momentum each round, telling FightbookMMA he sensed his opponents hesitation, and unwillingness to engage in the stand up, as the fight wore on, and it began to look as if Saldana just wanted to tie up, grapple to slow the fight down, and stay out of the stand up danger that wiggs made known early. In the 3rd, it was completely lopsided at this point, with wiggs coming out of his corner at the start of the 3rd round with some devastating hard punches that I could honestly feel the thumps, cageside that continued for a good portion of the last round, on and off, with a now, possessed Wiggs earning another victory through just hard work, recognition, and execution.

Wiggs displayed to the crowd, the power he has in his hands, that is for sure. Wiggs first ever fight as a Ammy, was for a 155 Title in which he won. Wiggs went undefeated as a Ammy fighter with a record of 9-1, winning 3 Ammy titles in total before turning Pro, and interesting fast fact- Wiggs won one of those titles as an alternate, in the Driller Gran Prix Tournament. With one fighter not able to continue, Wiggs got his opportunity, and ended up winning the whole tournament at 145. Also Wiggs earned Fight of the Year Awards in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 which speaks for itself, the heart of this fighter. Wiggs won his first 3 Professional fights by KO, and 1 of his Pro losses was “Fight of the Year” also giving his opponent 16 stitches in the process. He explained to FightBookMMA that his 2nd loss was influenced by taking the fight on only a week’s notice, and Wiggs expressed he felt it was an early stoppage.

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Wiggs is from Harvey, Illinois originally, now residing in Minneapolis. Wiggs trains out of Doc & Mc Coons, his coaches are Chris Mc Coon, and Greg Olson. Before this bout Wiggs had taken a year off, to have a baby, grow skill wise, and got married. Wiggs indicated he has gotten much attention from promotions as a result of this most recent victory, and wants to start fighting every 2-3 months consistently.

By: Cameron Chrisp