Alliance MMA Retains Branding Agency 160over90



NEW YORK, NY – April 13, 2017 Alliance MMA, Inc. (“Alliance MMA” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: AMMA), a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) company that brings together leading regional productions to build the next generation of MMA champions, announced today the retention of full-service branding agency and creative services firm, 160over90, to develop the company’s visual identity.

Harnessing a proven track record of generating results for globally recognized brands, 160over90 is a leader in developing integrated communications strategies, breakthrough narratives, and engaging creative content on behalf of its clients. In addition to the agency’s foothold in the higher education landscape, 160over90 has over 15 years of experience in building bold, business solutions for companies in the sports, automotive, luxury goods, and entertainment verticals.

“We are beyond thrilled to be working with an agency as prestigious as 160over90,” said James Byrne, Chief Marketing Officer at Alliance MMA. “They have proven to be some of the most innovative and hard-working people in this industry, inducing explosive growth across numerous consumer markets. Alliance MMA looks forward to collaborating with 160over90 to enhance our value, unify our vision, and build the pillars for our evolving brand.”

160over90 works with a diverse portfolio of strongly established brand including; Nike, Under Armour, the Philadelphia Eagles, The University of Florida, the Indianapolis Colts, The U.S. Open, Atlantic 10 Conference, Ferrari and American Eagle, among other internationally-established companies. With offices in Philadelphia, PA, Newport Beach, CA, Gainesville, FL and Columbus, OH, 160over90’s nationwide efforts coincide with Alliance MMA’s intention of ceating an ongoing regional MMA presence in the top 20 major media markets across the country.

“160over90 is excited to partner with Alliance MMA by working closely with their executive team to enlarge their importance and presence in the highly commercial mixed martial arts space,” said Corey Levin, Director of New Business, Principal at 160over90. “Not only does this partnership allow us to diversify 160over90’s client list within the sports realm, but we are galvanized to be involved with the world’s fastest growing sport.”

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