AMBITION XI Results & Interviews

Austin, Texas (Monday, October 17, 2016) AMBITION XI took place on Saturday Oct 15, 2016 at the Parque Zaragoza in Austin, Texas. The promoter for the event was ICON Amateur Sports Association.

ICON Amateur Sports Association, located in Austin, Texas, specialize in providing an outlet for both men and women to reach their full potential in either MMA or Boxing.

The Loaded Joe’s MMA Podcast attended the event as they represented FightBookMMA. Below you can watch as Blake (CEO of The Laded Joe’s MMA Podcast) caught up with a couple of fighters from the event. The results from the event are seen below as well.

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FightBookMMA and The Loaded Joe’s MMA Podcast would like to thank ICON Amateur Sports Association for an awesome event!

The Loaded Joes MMA Podcast with Jose Collazo:

The Loaded Joes MMA Podcast with Kurtiss OOHWEE Colvin:


Walton vs bowman

Walton finding a home for the leaping left hook all night, Walton Quicker on the draw In the exchanges, Walton Not finding a home for the right gets tied up when he throws the lone right quick blitzing lands a knockdown in rd 3 in favor of Walton Bowman gets up and Walton repeats getting bowman in the cornerand winning the fight by TKO when Bowmans corner throws in the towel.

–Walton TKO in the 3rd


Herndon vs Callazo

Herndon brings lots of pressure and right hands, knocks down Callazo 3 times by trapping him in the corner after the 4th knockdown the ref calls it.

–Herndon Wins by 1st rd TKO


Marin vs llLaubach

Wild exchanges the first round with Marin owning most of the transitions and being on top control most of the fight but Laubach reverses position and sinks in the armbar.

–Laubach 1st rd armbar


Jordan vs Zamora

Jordan 1st rd arm bar controlled the pace and owned the fight on the feet and ground, Jordan transitioned from back mount to armbar with a smooth sub.

–Jordan wins by armbar


Graham vs Colvin

Colvin working jabs and right straights to the body, working angles and using shoulder roll to his defense, Graham with some nice rights to start the 3rd but Colvin wins control of the last 2 mins of the round stuns Graham with a right in the last 10 secs Colvin up 3 rds. 4th round Colvin picks from the outside Graham applies pressure and narrowly takes the round. 5th round Colvin hanging in the pocket beating graham to the punch abandoning footwork for the shoulder roll avoiding Graham’s rights and landing hooks and body shots 6th round more of the same.

–Kurtiss Colvin ud over graham


Brian Vera vs Rojas

Back and forth brawling a perfect vera fight finding success in the pocket and in the clinch eating shots and giving back with success Landing the right all night usually followed by a sneaky left hook Vera.

–Brian with a majority dec win over Rojas

By: Roberto Villa



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