Angel De Anda To Dana White: “Sign Me Up!”

CALIFORNIA (Wed, May 17, 2017)– Top West Coast middleweight prospect Angel “The Dream” De Anda goes for his 6th straight win for Tachi Palace Fights on Thursday in Lemoore, Calif. But before that, the heavy-handed, 185-pound contender spoke with FightBookMMA.

How was your camp for this fight?

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It was great. I took this fight on about three weeks notice, so I didn’t have a ton of time to prepare, but I was already in great shape. I don’t need much time to prepare for fights at this stage in my career.

Short-notice fights are no big deal?

I’m ready for anything. I’ve been training for 10 years now, or damn near it. I’m ready for anything.

When you’re fighting a guy who pokes the bear on social media, like your opponent has done, does that add anything to the fight, or is it business as usual?

It’s just a fight. In the beginning of my career, I would’ve gotten riled up about that and it would’ve motivated me to train harder. But I don’t need that motivation any more, and I don’t let my emotions get involved. A fight is a fight.

How do you see this fight playing out?

I’m going to finish him in the first round, however I want.

After that, what’s next?

Then it’s time for Dana White to call me and offer me up a nice UFC contract. Sign me on already. I would love to fight his boy Urijah Hall in Anaheim this year. That would be a great first fight for me in the UFC.

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