Army by day fighter by night: Tyrell Ace Hill

Friday October 30, 2015– Tyrell Ace Hill is a 3-0 MMA fighter and 1-0 kick boxer out of Clarksville Tennessee by way of Brooklyn New York. Ace had his first fight while enlisted in the Army.

“Thanks to the Army I competed in a combative tournament and came in 3rd place and I figured if I can do this well with minimal training, let’s see how good I can get.”

The decision to join the Army came after his involvement with ROTC. As well as the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11. His Uncle was a volunteer at Ground Zero, he later passed due to the breathing conditions he worked in.

Ace has been training for a year and a half. 5 months of which he’s been dealing with an injury. At first he thought the injury could be from jumps as a paratrooper. After weeks of doctors and specialists, he found out it was a tumor.

“My PT decided to test my leg for fractures and the pain was terrible she sent me to get x-ray which showed a bone growth In between my tibia and my fibula and then I got a MRI to confirm it.”

He’s scheduled for surgery soon.

What Ace misses most about training, is what speaks volumes about him as a person.

“My teammates you know it’s a 2nd family. I miss going in the gym and training with people with the same goal that I have. The same drive and that push you to be better.”

With rehab on the horizon, he’s hoping to get back to action sooner rather than later.

“I’ll probably take a boxing match then kickboxing an Do a BJJ competition before I step back in the cage.”

“Of course my goals are the same you will hear from most mixed martial artists or any athlete for that matter. I want to be the best in the world. I want to destroy the opposition and go down in history as being great. I want to be a legend”

We thank you for your service and wish him a safe and speedy recovery. We can’t wait to see you back in action!

You can follow Tyrell and his journey to excellence on facebook at Tyrell Ace Hill.

By: Korey Lane

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