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EVENT DATE: JUNE 22, 2018/ FIGHTS 730/doors 630


*This report brought to you by PATTON EUGENE PHOTOGRAPHY

UPDATE​: Mark Trullinger​ (2-0, all ko’s, Elite Edge/coach Josh Neer) vs Phil Conley​ has been changed, due to Phil coming down with a sickness, and is unable to continue. Woody Roberts​ (9-3) attempted to get the fight, and Big Bad Trullinger actually accepted at only 2-0. That’s called big family jewels, where I come from. For those unfamiliar with Trullinger, he is like a heavy weight version of Josh Neer, to me. He’s mean, nasty, straight faced. Who does that sound like?. He just comes at you, wears you down with force, panic, power, and complete execution ,until you break. It’s not rocket science, don’t fix it, unless it’s broke. At 2 0 I can completely understand, he uses what makes these fight,s end the easiest, period. In Trullingers only 2 bouts, he has waxed his opponents in just over 2 minute seach, by tko/ko. What do I see? I see a 100% Ko record and this guy fights like he has more than 2 bouts, to me, but he has a great coach and gym. I have no idea how balanced he is up, or down, because he’s never had to use anything other than his, “get in your face, till u break” fighting style. Trullinger likes to just stay in the pocket and bang, just like his coach always did. Trullinger you can tell, l has a bad attitude, in the cage, and Following MMA for 20 years, I connect with that stone faced look. I understand it, it’s called determination, and he has it written all over him. It’s easy to see. Trullinger seems to use the old Mark Kerr fighting philosophy, “ I’m gonna hit him, before he hits me. If he hits me first, then I’m gonna hit him, twice as hard!” I’ve always loved that Kerr quote, and I never overuse it, but I felt it was appropriate in this story, for this fight, for this fighter.

*This report brought to you by PATTON EUGENE PHOTOGRAPHY

Trullinger​: “My prediction is to go at him, apply pressure until I wear him down, and finish him.”

Woody Roberts​ has been unavailable for comment, since taking this last minute fight. So, did I quit, nope I contacted one of his buddies quick. I quickly found out, Roberts is a huge man also at roughly 280lb, and at 6’3’,’ size will not be the determining factor in this one, as both men are simliar. Roberts entire family are/were all state wrestling Champions, and Roberts is a known good wrestler. He is also a hardcore brawler, and has won 7 of his last 8 bouts. That sole loss, was to Jordan Heiderman​, who was ranked #1 in the entire MIDWEST region, when he just recently, chose to go PRO. Roberts also the nephew of the well known Miletich fighter, and now considered by many, the best ref in IOWA, Tyrone Roberts. Come out and join us for all these exciting bouts Friday night.

*This report was brought to you also by Iowa Beat Down.


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