Austin Liu: “I’m going in there to obliterate my opponent!”

Before Austin “The Dynasty” Liu fights Anthony Aguilar for the vacant 559 Fights Flyweight Championship at 559 Fights 60 on Nov. 4 in Visalia, LIVE on FloCombat, the dynamic amateur 125-pound contender caught up with FightBookMMA.

Your Facebook page says, “a kid chasing a dream.” What’s the inspiration behind putting that up as a description of yourself?

My story is that I’m a young kid, just like anyone else. I originally had a mediocre path to becoming an adult. I had the opportunity to go to college and I did go to San Jose State in my freshman year. I was most likely going to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering, but I felt that I wasn’t really doing much – sitting in class all day, going through all of the homework, just going through the motions – I didn’t want to grow up to lead a normal life, working a 9-6 after I graduate college. I wanted to do something that related more to my dreams. I wanted to be a mixed martial artist for so long, so I decided to risk it all by dropping out so I could chase this dream.

Were there a lot of people questioning this move?

Of course. Of course. There always will be and there were a lot of people questioning this move. Until I prove that I’m the next big star – that this is something I can make a good living doing – until then people are going to talk. But that doesn’t affect me at all because once I’m in there I can separate myself from my outside life. In there, it’s just me and that’s it. There’s nothing else on my mind.

Do you ever question if you have what it takes to become the next big star in MMA?

I think a lot of people would, but I don’t doubt myself for a second. I know that all I have to do is stay dedicated and putting in the work and the results are already showing.

How does the 559 Fights flyweight championship play into the bigger picture for you?

The flyweight title is important to me because it will make me more marketable as a professional once I go into a bigger promotion. But that’s about it. It’s important for me to finish my amateur career with a bang – that way I can move on to the professional leagues and be more marketable – I can negotiate better pay and all that stuff.

Is this the final amateur fight of your career?

This is the final amateur fight and I’m not going in there to win – I’m going in there to make a statement. I want to show people that I’m not the next Sage Northcutt or Conor McGregor – but I am the first Austin Liu.

When would you like to make your professional debut?

Right now, we are thinking about early 2018. I will definitely not do it this year. I’ve fought seven times in the last ten months or so and I would like to enjoy my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with my families. I don’t want to worry about cutting weight or worrying about what I put in my body – I just want to enjoy the holidays.

Seeing as this is the last fight of your amateur career, does this add anything special to it, or is it just business-as-usual?

I think it adds something special in terms of promotion – it’s the last amateur fight, it’s for a belt – it’s for all of the marbles as an amateur. As far as how I’m going to fight and go in there, like I said before, I’m good at separating myself once I’m in the cage. Once, I’m in there, I want to make a statement. I’m not going in to win, I’m going in there to obliterate him.

The fight is going to be available on FloCombat. For someone who is on the fence about watching the broadcast, what would you say to them?

I’d tell them to look for fireworks because I’m not going to bring any less. I’m there to put on an amazing performance and get the win. I want to go out with a bang. I’m going to take the belt and make a huge statement and that’s it – I’m done with the amateur career.