BAMMA 31 Recap And Offficial Results

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LONDON (Fri, September 15, 2017)– BAMMA rolled into the SSE Arena in London Town for another night of high octain MMA action. FightBookMMA’s correspondent Emmett Glenn was on scene covering the event.

Not only was there 3 World title fights and all three of these ending in highlight reel KO’s. The main event was between two local men with bad blood Nathan Jones Vs. Alex Lahore but there was also the return of Aaron Chalmers. Lets just say all these fight lived up to the hype.

Main Event  BAMMA World Welterweight Title
Nathan Jones Vs. Alex Lohore

These are two London men that do not like each other and having their fight moved to main event was a great filler with the fans & media all pumped. Neither want to touch gloves!!!

Both men meet in the middle to try and get the edge and fast, now both clinch up with Nathan winning early advantage. Small clash of heads and Marc Godard calls a time out. It doesn’t take long to get back to the action both want to stand and trade, nothing between these two. Big take down from Nathan sees him working for mount position. The arena is calling for bag and tag, the London fans are Loving this . Great work on top from Nathan to control the movement of Alex. Alex working from bottom is looking for the sub but Nathan can see it all before it happens. Both men work to their feet again but Nathan with another big take down puts Alex to the canvas. Alex jumps straight back to his feet. From here Alex clips Nathan as he works out of clinch. At this point when Nathan is back peddling against the cage.Alex lands a jumping knee which catches Nathan flush to the chin and that is where Marc had to stop fight as Nathan was out cold. Great fight and if you are going to win the belt in front of your home town fans. That is how you do it.

Winer via KO ( knee to head) and new BAMMA World Welterweight champ Alex Lohore 4:13 round 2.

BAMMA World Middleweight Title
Black Mamba Bahati (c) Vs. Mike “Sea Bass” Shipman

After a back and forth at the pre fight press conference could it live up to it? Well if you are Mike Shipman it did. Shipman comes out the more aggressive fighter and clinches up straight away. From the start of this fight Shipman has been in full control, eventually getting it to the ground and follows this up with an even bigger take down. Round two starts much the same with Shipman moving forward. With Shipman dominating all areas of this fight, and Yannick yet to cause any treat Shipman is now playing games with him. Round two ends with Shipman in north south position. Anything less than a KO for Yannick and this fight is already over. Third round starts with both men in the centre of the cage and ends with Yannick on his back, after yet another highlight reel KO, Via spinning elbow.

Winner via KO and new BAMMA World Middleweight, Mike “Sea Bass” Shipman

Welterweight Bout
Aaron “The Joker” Chalmers Vs. Alex Thompson

The man who can’t do right but wrong in the eyes of some in the MMA community. Chalmers who is coming off his first ever win in the cage. Chalmers walked into the arena to a mixture of cheers & boos and boy did he shut them up. With a knockout only some can dream of inside 15 seconds of round one he catches Thompson with a right and follows that up with left that drops Thompson dead. It takes Thompson a few tense minutes with the doctors to come round, before Chalmers could really celebrate his spectacular win. This must signal the next step for Chalmers inside the cage.

BAMMA World Featherweight Title
Damien “Frankenstein” Lapilus Vs. Daniel Crawford

Another title fight and another finish. Lapilus as expected comes out using his kicks to keep the distance. Lapilus is landing to both the head and body and Crawford is now showing marks on face where he has been hit. Lapilus finishes the round much the happier fighter. Round two starts with Crawford and Lapilus meeting in middle. Things go downhill for Lapilus and fast. 26 seconds Crawford catches Lapilus with right hook, wobbles him they hits him again with a right hook. From there Crawford pours on the pressure on the ground, has no option but to jump in.

Winner via TKO 26 secs of round 2 and new BAMMA World Featherweight is Daniel Crawford.

Preliminary card

Middleweight Bout

Alex “The Mean Albatrossc Montagnani Vs. Martin “Mantime” Hudson

Winner via TKO 2:08 secs into the 1st round “The Mean Albatross” Montagnani

Featherweight Bout

Ollie Mathis Vs. Nathan “The Black” Rose

Winner via split decision Nathan “The Black” Rose

Welterweight Bout

Tommy King Vs. James Reedman

Winner via TKO 1:12 secs Tommy King

Bantamweight Bout

Javid Basharat Vs. Tony Hall

Winner via guillotine 1:42 secs into 2nd round Javid Basharat

Featherweight Bout

Liam Davis Vs. Tanvir Boora

Winner via TKO Liam Davis

Featherweight Bout

Charlie Boy Howard Vs. David Khalsa

Winner via split decision David Khalsa


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