BAMMA London A Night Of KOs & Seeing Stars!

Main card KO’s watched over 4 million times on social media, over double the TV slot average on Channel Dave and with more mainstream press than any other UK MMA event this year – it’s safe to say that BAMMA London at Wembley went very, very big!

With many saying that the three consecutive main card finishes were amongst the finest witnessed this year, if you are one of the very few to have missed the thunderous knees, spinning backfists and mighty KO’s, then we strongly advise watching the next three clips…

1. Aaron Chalmers Vs. Alex Thompson​

2. Yannick Bahati Vs.Mike Shipman​

3. Alex Lohore Vs. Nathan Jones

For a full set of BAMMA London results head over to or to read our recap you can head over to

What does Tom Hardy do on his 40th birthday, he hits the BAMMA red carpet of course! BAMMA London was the place to be on Friday night, as Hollywood’s A-List and the UK’s finest names came out in force to witness a spectacular night of action.

Joining BAMMA regular David Haye, movie icon Tom Hardy took a break from filming on his latest project to attend alongside the likes of the Jorgie Porter, Charlotte Crosby, Gaz Beadle and pop sensation Calum Scott. Fighters Jimi ‘Posterboy’ Manuwa, MVP, and Leon ‘Rocky’ Edwards represented the fighters at the SSE Arena, Wembley and helped make sure the event was the only show in town.

For more celebrity coverage from the national papers (Click HERE for more)

BAMMA London witnessed the crowning of three new Champions as the event closed with a bang.

Each of the new champions secured a highlight finish to get their hands on the top prize in European MMA as they were crowned the new kings of their divisions.

Featherweight Daniel Crawford started proceedings by stopping former Champion Damien ‘Frankestien’ Lapilus in his tracks with a ferocious barrage of punches.

Mike ‘Sea Bass’ Shipman only required a spinning backfist to silence the war of words between him and now former Middleweight Champion Yannick ‘Black Mamba’ Bahati.

In the final fight of the night, the biggest feud in UK MMA came to a head as Alex ‘Da kid’ Lohore emerged victorious from his heated feud with ‘Mr. Bag & Tag’ Nathan Jones, after a devastating knee put Jones to sleep and Lohore claimed the title of BAMMA World Welterweight Champion.

What is next for BAMMA’s newest triple threat? Well stay tuned on for all the latest news of their first title defences.


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