Barish “The Wolf” Tunal

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Who is Barish Tunal? He’s 5” 9” weghing in at 135lbs and is a 25 years old born in France but he’s of Turkish and Bulgarian origin. He represents Turkey every time he steps in the ring. Follow him on Facebook and on Twitter. Barish represents and trains out of USA, Albuquerque, NM, France Lyon, Turkey Istanbul. His team is none other than Nas-r-k, Greg Jackson and Winkel John Gym and Tapia Boxing Academy.

Barish started training in the art of Kung Fu Sanda, an art which is closer to Sambo. He also started training in Thai boxing, and that’s where he found the love of the sport and knew that this is what he wanted to do. Barish is always practicing and learning the art of bjj, Boxing, wrestling and Sambo. He wants to be the most complete fighter possible.

If we had to describe Barish’s character it would be the nickname that was given to him “The Wolf”. Why the “The Wolf” you ask? Well the wolf is the leader of pack it is him who makes all the decisions and he fights to become the Alpha. And this is the reason why people call him Barish “The Wolf” Tunal. He lives by this so he can be an example for his family and friends. With that being said, Barish wants to be the most complete fighter of the world and fight the best out there. And he’s doing that by traveling around the world fighting the best, and one of his goals to have his hand raised high as champ in the UFC.

Check out the videos below of some of his fights.

The Wolf
Round 1:

The Wolf
Round 2:

The Wolf
Round 3:

Turkey vs China 67kg/146lbs:


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