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Bellator 207: Matt Mitrione vs Ryan Bader official results, play-by-play and photographs

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Bellator 207: Mitrione vs. Bader took place on Friday October 12, 2018.

The event was broadcasted on Paramount Network and on DAZN. The preliminary action streamed on Bellator.com and globally on the Bellator Mobile App.

In the main event, Matt Mitrione went against light heavyweight champion Ryan Bader. In the co-main event, veteran heavyweights Sergei Kharitonov took on Roy Nelson.

FightBookMMA’s correspondent Jarett Kelly was on scene covering this event. Below you will find the play-by-play, photos and official results.

RED                                                             BLUE

Kastriot Xhema (2-2) vs Pat Casey (4-0)

Round 1

Touch of gloves. Left kick by Red to the head to start, knocks him down. They get back up. Heavy hands by both, Red has connected. They go down and Casey lands on top. Elbows from top trying to pass guard. Casey still has his tied up on the ground. Shots on the back from Blue. Casey asses guard and pounds down. Red gets out of it and back to the feet. Casey takes him down with a leg. Back up quickly. They tie up on the cage. Back to the center Heavy shots by both, not connecting. Casey with a toss and he’s on top. Side control for Casey. They stand but Casey has a head and arm in but Red gets out. Standing Guiotine by Casey. Hard shots again by both as the round comes to an end.

Round 2

Touch em up. Jabs by Red miss, Blue wants the takedown. Hard left by Casey knocks Red down. Casey is now on top. Side mount. Casey trying for full mount, he has Red tied up. Hard knees to the rib by Casey from top. Casey has him in a bad spot with half the round left. Total side control by Casey. Still tied up in side control. Defensive battle on the ground. Red scrambles out. Back in side control. Round comes to and end with Casey in full control.

Round 3 FINAL

Casey shoots in for a takedown, both back up. Elbows to the head by Red. Toed up on the cage. Casey takes him down and ends up on top. Casey trying to once again take full mount. Shots by both as Red is still on his back. Red tries to scramble out, Casey ties him up again. Still a ground battle with Casey in control. Red can’t get out from Casey’s top game. One-minute left in the round. Shots to the rib by Casey, this seems to be all Casey as the round and fight comes to an end with Casey on top. Judge’s decision 30-26

Lisa Blaine (2-1) vs Alexandra Ballou (1-0)


Blue comes out the aggressor. Stand up for both tot start, they tie up. Blue has red against the cage. Elbow from Blue as they are tied up on cage. Blue tries a takedown, stopped by Blaine. Still tied up in the clinch with Red against the cage. Shots by Red to separate. Hard knee by Blue. Red punches her was to a clinch. Blue with control now on the cage. Knee to the mid by Ballou. Jabs by red to separate. Blue grabs her head as the round comes to an end.

Round 3

Kick and jab by blue to start. Jabs to put Blue at distance. Hard left by Red, no damage. Both fighters seem to want to box for this match. Knee by blue on the cage. They tie up. Switching who has who against the cage, no damage being done. Ref steps in the break it up. Back to the center. Hard right by Ballou, jab I should say. Jabs by both, no damage. Kick by blue as the separate. Round comes to an end.

Round 3 FINAL

They touch them up. Right kick by Ballou is caught by Blaine. They tie up on the cage again. They throw some jabs in the center, no significant strikes. All shots by both are not connecting. Ballou just shot in and takes her down. Blue on top and the ref steps in.

Michael Kimbrel (2-0) vs Alex Potts (1-1)

Round 1

Touch of the gloves and before I can type anything Kimbel hit him with a power right and out he went. Ref steps in @.06 of the very first round by impressive fashion.

Kristi Lopez (2-1) vs Sarah Click (2-2)

Round 1

No touch of the gloves. Red gets blue in a head lock, they clinch on the cage. Click with an elbow from the cage. Dirty boxing by both. Hard shots miss by both. Jabs to Click, she responds. They clinch with Blue having control. Knees by both to get distance. Hard left elbow by Click. Red with a takedown but they both get back up quick. Right to the head by Red, it connects. Hard left and right to end by Red, blue with a hard jab to end the round.

Round 2

They again take center, and both throw some jabs. The power KO is not far from the looks of it here. Blue kicks to keep distance. Right and left by Click, they tie up. Foot stomps by blue as they clinch. Knees by red to separate. No damaging shots be either. Elbow by Red as she takes control of the clinch. Red tries a double leg takedown but is denied. Round comes to an end with a tie up on the cage.

Round 3 FINAL

Both ladies take center. Jabs and kicks by both to start. Jabs by click and kicks. No damage. Left by red, kick as well. They clinch, blue is looking for a takedown. They again stand and tie up. Neither is the aggressor or landing and power shots. Ref Kevin MacDonald steps in to separate. 30 seconds left in the round. Shots by Click punch red against the cage. Knees and jabs by both the end the scrap. Decision for Click 30-27

Andre Fialho (10-1) vs Javier Torres (10-5)

Round 1

Hard kick by red to start. They scramble around to find their game. Blue stops for an eye poke the ref didn’t see, he gets lit up briefly. Blue blocks a high right kick. Red is the aggressor for sure. Blue shoots some jabs. Red with jabs that connect. Flying knee blocked by blue. Round comes to an end.

Round 2

Red with a quick left jab. Blue is playing good defense but zero offense currently. Red keeps pushing in, jab kick. Hard right elbow by Red. Another hard shot by Red to the face of blue. Eye poke the ref missed, its affecting blue. Left kick by blue to the mid connects. Hard right uppercut by red. More shots by red. Blue is defending well. They tie up on the cage. Hard right jab by blue. Jabs by red punch him back. Red shoots for a halfway takedown as the round ends.

Round 3 FINAL

Touch gloves. Jabs by red to the mid, blue with a kick. Red is trying for the ending KO shot, just missing. Right and left for Blue, he shoots for a takedown. They clinch with Torres staying in for the attempted takedown. Knee by Blue. Left by red as the separate. Back to the center, hard shots by red miss. Clinch as the fight comes to an end. They separate with hard shots by both to end the scrap. Decision for Fialho 28-28, 29-28.

Sinead Kavanaugh (5-3) vs Janay Harding (4-4)

Round 1

Hard left by red. Shots by red all connect. High intensity by both. Red is the aggressor. High kicks by blue just miss. Right jab lands by red. Left and right shot by Blue land and open Red. Cut above the right eye for red. Both are letting it go, jabs all connect. Red ties her up on the cage. Knee by blue to the mid of red. Spinning back kick landed for blue. Hard left for red. Both these ladies can take a shot. Jabs by both to end the round.

Round 2

The Doctor steps in to stop the fight due to injury. Harding takes the fight by TKO due to doctor stoppage. Round 1 5:00

Tim Caron (9-3) vs V. de Jesus (6-2)

Round 1

Hard shots by Blue to start, they miss. Caron with a leg kick. Jabs by both fighters miss. Left by red connects. Left kick to the mid lands for Caron. Good combos by red. Blue lands a shot to the mid. Lead left jab by blue is touching Caron. Caron keeps him at distance with leg kicks to the shin. Hard right just misses for Red. Miss jab by blue and they tie up on the cage. They separate but blue forces the clinch. Tries for a double leg takedown. Blue shoots in for a takedown, Caron sinks in a neck choke. They separate as the round comes to an end.

Round 2

Touch gloves. Right by blue misses, kick by Red connects. Red catches a kick and takes blue down briefly. Back up as they take the center. High kick by blue lands to the head of Caron. Jabs and more jabs by both. Right shot to the face for Blue, they tie up on the cage. Knees by blue as he shoots for a takedown, not successful. Round ends.

Round 3 FINAL

They start the final round with more jabs. Blue connects and send Caron back. Hard right, Caron takes it. Kicks by Blue land. Caron is bleeding from his right ear. Eye poke by Blue, ref stops the action. Back to action. Kicks and jabs by both, Caron shoots in and takes blue down. Blue gets up as Caron is wrapped around him. Blue tries for the takedown and gets it as the round ends. Blue with a RNC but the fight comes to an end. Judges score the fight 30-27, 29-28 for de Jesus.

Carrington Banks (7-2) vs Mandel Nallo (7-0)

Round 1

Touch gloves. Kicks by blue to start. The tie up, Red tries to slam Nallo but can’t. they go down with blue taking him to the canvas. They get up but Nalo winks in a Darce choke and its tight, but he gets out. Red now takes blue down with the double leg. Banks has his back, but they switch up. Blue gets another takedown, lands on top. Blue on his back has great defense. Red on top trying to pass guard. Round comes to and end with Banks on top.

Round 2

Bryan Minor starts the action for Round 2. Kicks by both, nothing lands. Jabs by blue just miss. Left jab by Blue connects, hard knee by blue and he drops Red instantly as he came in. Ref Bryan Minor stops the action @.57 by KO Round 2 for Nallo.

Baby Slice (3-2) vs Corey Browning (4-2)

Round 1

Blue comes in quick. Right shot for Baby and he drops Blue. They scramble, and Slice gets on top. He passes guard, but they get up. Clinch on the cage. Knee by Slice to the mid. Red is trying for a takedown. Red gets control and takes him down. Slice takes him down and gets on top. Left and right from top. Slice gets top mount as red tries to get out. Side control for Baby Slice but again red scrambles out and end up on top. Red has his back on the canvas. Elbows from Red while he has control. Browning is cut by his right eye, he is tying up Slice by a crucifix, but slice gets out. The round comes to an end with elbows by Red.

Round 2

Both fighters used some serious energy in round 1. They touch it up. Left and right drop Slice and red pounces. Baby Slice now gets on top after being dropped. Slice has a head and arm choke that looks very tight but Red turns out and Slice now has his back. Slice now in tip mount but red spins out and gives up his back. A tight RNC for Slice but he backs out to drop shots. Red pushes Slice off and pounces. Once he does he lands hard shots and the ref steps in to stop the fight. Bryan Minor stops the fight @2:08 of the 2nd round for Browning. TKO

Lorenz Larkin (20-7) vs Ion Pascu (18-9)

Round 1

Fighters touch gloves and it’s on. Blue the aggressor to start. Jabs by Larkin. Combo by Larkin connects, jabs and kicks. Blue shoots for a takedown, they tie up on fence. Knees by Blue. Right jab to the face by Larkin Connects. Blue shoots again for a failed takedown. Blue with pressure on the cage. Knee by Larkin to separate. Hard right to the mid by red. Left and right by Blue connect. Single leg by blue is stopped, Larkin scrambles out. Round comes to an end.

Round 2

Combo by blue pushes red back. Slight low blow but the action keeps going. Larkin shakes it off. High kick by blue almost connects. Jabs by both nothing is landing. Jab kick, jab kick by both fighters. One shot connects and its lights out. Lots of power being thrown to no avail. High kick by Larkin misses and blue shoots in. Clinch on the cage, red has position. Blue catches a kick and backs him up while Larkin hits Ion and drops him. Blue has position on the fence as the round comes to a close.

Round 3 FINAL

Combo by Blue to start, high left kick to the head of Larkin. Jabs by blue catch Larkin. Hard left kick to the mid of blue. Left and right shot by Larkin connect. Right jab after right jab connect. Blue shoots for a single leg and gets it. He ends up in side control. Larkin tries to scramble out, but Blue is heavy on top. Ion lays down some heavy shots from top, Larkin is taking it. Ion sits back and gets Larkins ankle as the bell sounds. Very even fight. Larkin by Unanimous decision 29-28.

Co-Main: Roy Nelson (23-16) vs Sergei Kharitonov (29-7)

Round 1

They touch gloves Left jabs by blue. Hard right missed by Nelson. Hard left connects for Nelson to the chin. He shoots and ties him up. They separate. Left jab by blue lands. Single leg by Nelson is blocked. Nelson was on the ground but kneed in the face by blue. Ref Dan Mirgliata steps in to stop the fight. Nelson is slow to get up. Takes a point away from blue. Doctor is checking on Nelson. Hard two knees to the head of Nelson while he was grounded. The fight is back on. Hard jab by blue. Left jabs by both connect. Hard left jabs by blue all connect. Nelson with some jabs that connect. Both fighters are tossing hard left jabs. Nelson shoots again but is stopped after a hard jab. Left shot to the liver by blue. Hard shots by blue all connect. Nelson’s chin is being tested hard. Again, right and left to Nelson hurt, he is taking a beating and falls. Ref steps in to stop the fight moments before the round ended. Kharitonov takes the fight by KO @4:59 of the very first round.

MAIN EVENT: Matt Mitrione (13-6) vs Ryan Bader (26-5)

Round 1

They start off with high energy. Blue shoots in for a quick takedown, lands on top. Bader steps back and whiffs with a heavy right hand. Mitrione is trying to get up and does. They clinch with Bader taking him down again. Bader gets side control but switches to the back. Matt has his arm tied up preventing the taking of the back. Mitrione gets up but Bader takes his back and slams him again. Bader has his back and lands a few shots from top. Bader with easy shoves Mitrione down and has control. He pounds on Mitrione but gets tied up. Hard shot from Bader who still has control on the mat. Bader lands some body shots as Mitrione tries to get up. Bader has control as the round comes to an end.

Round 2

Mitrione looks very tired to start the round. Hard shots by Red drop Bader but he quickly gets on top. Body shots by Bader while on top. Kimora attempt by Bader. Bader is controlling from the top, Mitrione scrambles but can’t get out. Knees to the mid of Matt. Kimora attempt by Bader is in, he’s cranking away. Mitrione gets out but is in a bad spot on the bottom. Bader gets top again as Mitrione tries to roll away. Ankle lock attempt by Mitrione, not successful. Bader has Matt against the cage not doing much damage, but the top pressure is totally exhausting Mitrione. Round comes to an end.

Round 3 FINAL

Bader shoots in immediately and gets him down. The crowd did not like another ground battle. Bader has control from top and drops some heavy right hands. Mitrione cannot get from out of Bader’s control. He has no answer for Bader’s top control. Rib shots by Bader. Mitrione covers up while on his back. Matt gets up and that last two seconds. Bader’s plan to smother Mitrione is working. Bader again has top control but is not landing any shots. Every time Matt tries to get up, he is stopped. The last minute of the main card is here and the crowd is letting them know they do not like this kind of match. Fight ends with Bader landing some shots from top. Fight comes to an end. Decision for Bader 30-25, 30-24, 30-25.

Kemran Lachinov (7-2) vs Sean Lally (8-4)

Round 1

Starts with a heavy right by Red. Hard left by Lally. Left again connects for Blue. Hard shots by both connect. Red shoots and gets a takedown. Red is on top, blue has his neck. Red is trying to pass guard. Red has side control and passes to mount. He drops some elbows from side. Blue is tieng up Red from the bottom. Hard shots from top for Red. He is still not in full mount. Small shots to the head by red. Lally is trying to get out. Red is heavy from the top, all pressure. Red still on top, he steps back and catches him/ Blue gets on top and pounds away as the round comes to an end.

Round 2

Starts with a tap of the gloves. Left jabs by red connect and he shoots. They tie up on the cage. Red switches and has control on the fence. Red is trying for a single leg, but he gets out of it. Still tied up on the cage. Lally gets taken down. Red is trying to pass but is getting stopped and elbowed. Lally is tieing him up from the bottom. Red has heavy pressure from top, can’t pass guard. Elbow to the head again by red. The round comes to an end with an almost arm bar by red.

Round 3 FINAL

They touch and it’s on. Hard right misses by blue. Hard shots by both as red calls him on. Red gets a takedown and again gets top control. Lally tried to get out and take reds back, didn’t work. Side control by Red. Head and neck choke attempt by red. Elbows to the mid of Lally. Hard shots to the mid from top. Red has control from top and won’t let Lally out easy. Scrambling out Lally is not, red is super heavy still. Jabs by red to Lally’s face. Lally kicks him ff but can’t get to his feet. Red is on top as the fight comes to an end. Decision for Lachinov 30-27, 29-28 for Lachinov.

Bellator 207 official results:

Ryan Bader def. Matt Mitrione via unanimous decision (30-25, 30-24, 30-25)

Sergei Kharitonov def. Roy Nelson via knockout (knee) in Round 1, 4:59

Lorenz Larkin def. Ion Pascu via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Corey Browning def. Kevin Ferguson Jr. via TKO (punches) in Round 2, 2:08

Mandel Nallo def. Carrington Banks via knockout (knee) in Round 2, 0:07

Vinicius de Jesus def. Tim Caron via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Janay Harding def. Sinead Kavanagh via TKO (doctor’s stoppage) in Round 1, 5:00

Andre Fialho def. Javier Torres majority decision (28-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Sarah Click def. Kristi Lopez unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Mike Kimbel def. Alex Potts via knockout (punches) in Round 1, 0:06

Alexandra Ballou def. Lisa Blaine via TKO (elbows) in Round 3, 3:28

Pat Casey def. Kastriot Xhema via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)


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