Bellator MMA & Bamma Dublin- A great night of fights that will be remembered for the antics of Conor McGregor

DUBLIN (Sun, November 12, 2017)– Bellator & Bamma joined forces once again for an explosive night of fight from Ireland capital city Dublin. Unfortunately this night of fight will be marred in controversy caused by what was Irelands favourite son Conor McGregor when he entered the cage after team-mate Charlie Ward won his fight.

Lets get the elephant in the room outa of the way first. Conor McGregor was wrong for what transpired inside the cage. I have been a big fan of Conor from day one in Cage Warriors in Ireland and many have also gained to love his antics both inside and out of cage. This time though he has gone to far, not only jumping into the cage when you are a spectator is bad enough but they to attack one of the top officials in world in Marc Goddard but to follow that up by what can only be described as “bitch slapping” a commissioner as he tried to stop McGregor from entering the cage for a 2nd time, waste step to far. All in media row were of the same conclusion that “this can not go on” . Conor yes can drive promotion to heights that no-one can hope & Bellator are loving the free promotion all over the world off this one incident, but at what stage do we say enough is enough? In my opinion a suspension is something that will need put in place, and from the talk at media row this is what will happen, but where will it be enforced, Europe, Ireland or USA ????

Now thats out of way lets move on to the fights!!! Due to change of cards at the last-minute Bellator decided to run their card first one the night. This did have an effect on the early fights on Bellator card and was a shame that some got the Irish crowd may have missed some fine performances from Paul Redmond, Sinead Kavanagh who looked the best I’ve seen in a long time. Below is a break down of both cards:

Complete Bellator 187: Fight Card:

Main event in the Featherweight division: A.J. McKee (9-0) vs. Brian Moore (10-5)

Round 1- Both come out quickly, Aj McKee looking to cause damage with the body kicks, but Brian with the heavy hands he has is willing to take a kick to land a punch. Aj moving around the cage waiting for the shots, exploding with a flourish of punches kicks and knees, but these are not hurting Brian who first back with some heavy blows to AJ and eventually a cut opens up on AJ. AJ toys to catch Brian in a standing guillotine but he manages to break free. Brian again lands on AJ this is 2nd or 3rd time and blood now pouring from AJ. AJ definitely wasn’t ready for this fight or the power that Brian has in his hands. Round one to Brian.

Round 2- Brian starts where he left off in first round by attacking from ever angle and landing punches each time he attacks. Aj now needs to get space and keep him at distance as there are only so many of these punches any man can take. Brian ow takes the standing in centre of cage waiting for Aj to attack, Aj seems unwilling to commit inside Brian range anymore as he gets tagged heavy each time. Brian shots for a takedown but AJ manages to get out and both back standing, but this is where Brian does his best work. Aj now busted up, And must realise he is 2-0 down on the score cards. Round ends 2-0 Brian

Round 3- Third round starts fast and ends just as fast. In the corner of AJ someone has lit a fire under him. As he come straight out on the attack. Aj gets hold of Brian gets him to the canvas and from there works to the back of Brain to sink in the RNC for the win. Tough fight for AJ coming to Dublin with the likes of James Gallagher, Kiefer Crosbie and the SBG team all cage side, cheering on their teammate Brian. AJ now moves forward with a perfect record still intact. One question on the lips of many after this is “When will James & AJ meet inside the cage”??

Winner via RNC AJ McKee

Next up we have a fight at Catchweight 140lbs between Sinead Kavanagh (4-2) vs. Maria Casanova (2-4-1)

Round 1- Like most of Sinead’s fights in Dublin they don’t last long. This fight may have broken her own record though. 30 seconds in to the fight it was done. Sinead came out lands big shot to Maria and from there Sinead get full mount and doesn’t stop the ground & pound till the official pulls her off.

Winner via KO Sinead Kavanagh

Fight three was between Kevin “Baby Slice” Ferguson Jr. (1-1) vs. Fred Freeman (1-0) and fought at 165lbs catchweight

Round 1- Another fight that was over very quickly. Baby Slice came out and from the first punch totally dominated the fight, eventually taking it to the ground where he sunk in the RNC for the Win.

Winner via RNC Kevin “Baby Slice” Ferguson
After the fight a lot of the talk was about a potential fight between Kevin “Baby Slice” Ferguson Jr v Kiefer Crosbie a teammate of James Gallagher at SBG, who has been on a storm over here. Both have a bit of bad blood between them and would be a great fight to add to the under card of a fight between AJ Mc Kee and James Gallagher.

Second fight of the night was a bout at 185lbs and fought between Charlie Ward (3-3) vs. John Redmond (7-12)

Round 1- this was a war of attrition for the one and only round it lasted. Both men clinched up early and spent much of the fight working against the cage for that space for a takedown or the KO blow. Charlie was the first to gain this space and land the only telling blow the fight on John. Which drooped him, Marc Goddard had no choice to protect the fighter even if there was only 1 second on the clock when he stopped it. From there, absolute madness insured as Conor McGregor entered the cage. If you haven’t seen the video be sure to check it out at FightBookMMA Fan Page.

Winner via KO Charlie Ward

This was actually a very important win for Charlie come off 2 losses and being cut from UFC, just a petty that it will be over shadowed by Conor McGregor.

Lightweight: Sergio de Jesus Santos (4-6) vs. Paul Redmond (13-7)

Round 1- Early pressure Redmond shots for take down, but gets caught in guillotine, this is pretty much where the round ended. We think Remond spent 4 mins in the guillotine of Santos. Even when the official checked to see if Remound was still with us after 3 mins he was quite happy to stay there. Santos at the end of the round looks tired and has blown his arms out from going for the sub.

Round 2- Redmond comes straight out and marches down Santos who is clearly tired after the 1st round Redmond now catches Santos in a guillotine but unlike Santos he knows when to apply the pressure and when not, so this time Paul release the squeeze, and decides to use his elbows from the bottom to soften Santos up some more. Rest of the round was like a BJJ match with both men trying for leg locks. Redmond again the aggressor and doing the most damage. 1-1 going into final round

Round 3- Redmond never one to sit back and not put on a great performance for the fans. Comes tight pout again walking Santos down. Both men are landing punches but Redmond is doing the bigger damage. Santos with not much left Santos tries to get take down but finds himself in a terrible position eating elbows. Santos now feeling full effect of the first round is taken the canvas with ease and mounted by Redmond who drops bombs till the final buzzer. Santos is lucky the officials didn’t jump in.

This is a great win for Paul Remond who has now competed on all the major cards around the world with the UFC, Bellator, KWS, Cage Warriors to name but a few. Paulwho is known for his BJJ work in the cage has shown over the last 3 fights that he can stand and bang with best in the world. Lets hope he can keep the momentum going from here on.
Winner via Decision Paul Redmond


Second part of the night was under the Bamma banner. The bonus for this part of the card was as the seats in the 3Arena were now taken and after the escapades of Conor on the Bellator side, everyone was waiting for an explosive night.

Alex Lohore (13-1) vs. Richard Kiely (2-0) welterweight championship bout

After weeks of back and forth these two finally made it to the cage. Both these men on the lead up could have hit the other due to ongoing bad blood, but the true professionals they are, it was kept for the fans to watch. But it dint last long.

Round 1- Alex as expected comes out and takes the centre of the cage rtight away, while Richard stays back and waits for that one moment. Alex shots of a take down but Richard fights it off until Alex persistance pays off and he completes the takedown. Alex gets Richard to the canvas and holds him there in total control, not much happening between them and we are all surprised that Marc Godard hasn’t stood them up. Richard to his credit fights back to his feet and now stacked Alex who rolls for a knee bar which he slides in. Richard taps otherwise his leg would’ve snapped.

Winner via knee bar in 1st round and still Alex Lohore

Andy Young (11-8) vs. Daniel Barez (8-4) – World Flyweight title

A fight that got us all in media row excited, Andy a stand out for a few years in Europe against a man in Daniel who posses massive power for a flyweight. This fight lived up to the hype although the result was not what many of the Irish crowd though would happen.

Round 1- Both men are in the cage neither one wants to over commit this early in the flyweight title fight. Andy young stays on outside waiting for Dan to make his move but Dan is also taking his time wanting to pick the correct shot with out over committing also. Very interesting fight here. Low blow from Daniel causes a short stoppage in fight only a warning given from the official. Daniel then lands a heavy kick followed by a sharp jab that rocks Andy back a bit, but Andy eats it up and continues with his game plan. Daniek now standing taunting Andy into a dirty fight very much from Diaz brother style of fighting. Fight stopped again due to exposed finger(remember we are fighting under unified rule), but again no point deduction as it was a first time offence . Very good 1st round not much in this one.

Round 2- Daniel is not waiting around in this round and comes out swinging. Daniel throws a high kick followed by a left and right which Andy takes on chin and still pushes forward. All the pressure coming from Daniel in this round but is now on a final warning for hand extension, officials warn next time he will lose a point. Daniel still moving forward is now landing the heavy punches that we saw from him in his 1st fight against Ryan Curtis. Big Big takedown from Daniel at end the round wins him that round. Lets hope the extended hands don’t come back to haunt him in 3rd round. Daniel wins 2nd round.

Round 3- Andy must now know he needs the stoppage and comes out quickly. Andy is still trying to pressurize Daniel in the 3rd round but Daniel has his timing at this stage, both clinch fall to canvas but again are back on feet before anyone can get something going. Daniel has Andy bleeding now and as Andy attacks, Daniel is able to pick him off. With his jab With 10secs left they clinch. Both fighter finish with a flurry of punches.

Winner And New Flyweight champion Daniel Barez

Daniel Barez has gone under the radar of a lot of people and now holding the Flyweight title he can start getting his name out there more. I’ve been a fan of Daniel for a few years having seen him training with the like of Brad Picket & Nathaniel Wood to name a few. With the ground game and KO power he has, this will not be an easy man to finish. On another note this will be a great platform for Spanish MMA to have their own champion.

Third fight of the night was between Blaine O’Driscoll (5-1) vs. Dominique Wooding (3-1) and for me was fight of the night on both cards

Round 1- Both Blaine & Dominique spend a lot of time in the clinch during this round, not a lot between them but Wooding is doing more damage with punches. Again they clinch up where Wooding finds himself inside the guard of Blaine. Blaine is able to do real from the bottom using his elbows. Very tough round to score as the majority was spent on the ground, Would want to be a judge for that one.

Round 2- This round starts much the same with Blaine taking it to the ground where this time he ends on top and starts to unload very precise shots not wanting to waste any energy. Crowd now starting to get behind the fight and making a lot of noise, which is pushing both men on. Blaine seems to be getting the better of Wooding when the official ask wooding to defend himself as Blaine unloads. Now in control of the exchange Blaine is able to take the back of Wooding and work for the RNC. Wooding very lucky to get out of that round. Three times the official had taken a close look during the attempt for a RNC by Blaine. Great round from Blaine.

Round 3- Wooding needing what many think is stoppage goes out fast looking for the head of Blaine. Wooding this time is keeping the distance as this is where he can win the fight. Blaine moving forward as he does gets caught with a punch to his head and falls to canvas covering up. Thankfully the official was on hand to stop the fight before more damage was done.

Great fight for both men Wooding now moves forward looking for that title shot, but Blaine can walk away from this one with his head held high. Having just gave Wooding the toughest fight today. On another note it was great to see these two men sharing a beer after the fight like it should be done.

Winner via KO Dominique Wooding

Second fight of the Bamma section was the return of a fan favorite Dylan Tuke vs. a very dangerous David Khalsa coming off a win at Bamma London

Round 1 – Both come out as most do keeping the distance and feeling each other out. Dylan has been has the fans in his pocket already with his style inside and outside the cage. David is trying to catch Dylan but each time is eating a shot. Dylan looking relaxed has caught David each time as he moves in. Dylan has been to Fast in this round for David and eventually gets the back. Round ends with Dylan on Davids back doing damage. Great 1st round for Dylan

Round 2- Dylan come out fast as usual but this time catches David quickly and from there Dylan lands a kick to the head of David. From there Dylan jumped on David to finish via Ground & Pound.

As a fan favourite it was a pleasure to see Dylan back in the cage. Keep an eye out for this young man as he will soon be on the short of the USA.

Winner via KO Dylan Tuke

Fight 1 of the night was between Ion Pascu (16-7) vs. Omar Santana (13-4)

Round 1- Both men come out swinging not connecting but at least swinging, Ion who has worked with SBG of late gets the early take down and landing the better and heavier punches this round, Omar coming back into it as round ends but again Ion with the heavy hands and take down pretty much wins round 1 with them alone.

Round 2- Round two starts and there is a stoppage for an illegal knee to Omar. Doesn’t look to bad but Doc is in the cage having a look. Thankfully the fight continues. Icon again with heavy punches forcing Omar to try for take down. Both on their feet where Ion again hits Omar with more heavy blows. Omar has a great chin on him but his face is now feeling and showing the effect of those bombs from Icon. 2nd round ends with Icon on top using his punching to close the distance and they trying for the take down. 2-0 Ion.

Round 3- Still much the same with Icon using his jab to close the distance for the take down. Omar is still in the fight but is now offering nothing in return and trying to keep away from the hands of Icon. Round 3 ends with Icon still doing the most damage.

Winner via split Decision Ion Pascu