Bellator169 and Bamma27 Recap

Bublin Ireland (Sunday December 18, 2016)– Bellator169 and Bamma27 took place on Friday 16th December – Live from 3Arena in Irelands Capital city of Dublin. FightBookMMA correspondent Emmett Glenn was on location covering the event.

Bamma27 return to their spiritual home of combat sports and brought along Bellator for the companies first joint card on this isle. Both cards were stacked with the best talent from Ireland, UK and further afield. The event featured 5 fights on the Bellator portion of the card and 10 bouts on the BAMMA undercard.

One thing about bringing a fight to Dublin is the hometown crowd, from the first fight to the last the Irish fans were out in force. The atmosphere was electric throughout the night with renditions of the classic chant of “Olay Olay Olay Olay” with everyone’s sprits high and the Guinness flowing it was time to kick the cards off

We start off the night on the BAMMA27 card with a Ian ‘Concrete’ Cleary V Andy ‘Lofty’ Lofthouse in the Bantamweight division. Both fighters come out strong in looking to put a show on for the local fans, but unfortunately for ‘Lofty’ Ian was never going to lose in front of a home crowd. I give all 3 rounds to Ian in a pretty dominate display of wrestling, Bjj all mixed with some ground and pound. Andy was unable to offer much in return due t the control that Ian had throughout the bout. Judges scored it a unanimous decision to Ian ‘Concrete’ Cleary.

Next up we have Blaine O’Driscoll V Neil Ward in the Bantamweight division. Both fighters came out in the first round, both very hesitant to commit, but rather trying to find their distance and time the shots. 1st round goes to O’Driscoll more because he was the most aggressive in the fight. In the 2nd round both fighters came out to bang, no one was taking a backwards step and because of the commitment to this the crowd really started to get behind O’Driscoll. O’Driscoll use this energy to get 3 large takedowns one being a beautiful double leg to slam Ward. Great 2nd round from both fighters but again O’Driscoll wn this round for me. Round 3 starts and Ward must know he’s 2 rounds down as he looks for the killer blow. O’Driscoll plays it cool trying to keep Ward at distance with inside and outside leg kicks, Ward unable to close the distance and when he does O’Driscoll controls him and takes him to ground again. O’Driscoll takes it via unanimous decision.

3rd fight of the night was Dublin’s own Big Daddy’ Kiefer Crosbie Vs. Conor Riordan in Welterweight Bout, Kiefer is a big fan favourite and fights out of SBG Ireland so as expected the fans in attendance went nuts when he entered the cage. Conor Riordan was making his Bamma debut but surly the reception of boos could not have helped the young man as he walked to cage. 1st round starts with Kiefer Crosbie doing what he does, coming forward throwing kicks and punches mixing up his combos. Conor was in no mood to stand and bang instead looking for a heel hook or knee bar. At one stage Conor managed to take the back of Kiefer but the mans strength was too much. 1st round ends with Conor looking for another heel hook. Round 2 starts and the crowd have really gotten vocal singing for their local fighter to get the job done. Kifer not one to hang around and using the energy of crowd took control of the fight on the ground. 2:32 into the 2nd round Kifer locked into a triangle & following this up with elbows from the bottom. Conor had no choice but to tap. Another win for ‘Big Daddy’ & a big step in the run for that Welterweight strap.

Fight 4 of the Bamma card was Kieth ‘The Butcher’ McCabe V. Richard Kiely in the Welterweight division. This fight didn’t last long. Two f Dublin’s finest taking t the cage in their home town both fighters wanted to put on a show, but this does not always happen in the fight game. This fight was stopped inside 2mins of the 1st round for your winner via TKO Richard Kiely. Kiely managed to catch Keith with a knee to the stomach as they broke from a clinch. Expect to see both these men in the cage again very very soon

5th fight on Bamma card was Terry ‘The Dominator’ Brazier v Niklas Holtze . Niklas came into the fight with a lot of support from the Irish fans as he fights out of SBG Ireland. Does this bother Terry no not one bit? Terry is 3-0 under Bamma and did not want to let that record to slip. Once that bell rang Terry did not wait around right away attacking Niklas looking to clinch and control the young German. Terry made light work of Niklas’s takedown defence taking him to the ground at will all while dropping bombs on the way in. A low blow from Terry could not have happened at a better time for Niklas as Terry was really turning the pressure up. 1st round finished as it started with Terry Dominating the show. 2nd round was much of the same from Terry, Pushing forward landing punches on way in and taking the fight t ground. Niklas spent much of the 2nd working for a heel hook from his back. Terry takes 2nd round. 3rd round starts with lots of early pressure from Terry has Niklas against the cage them to the ground again. Heavy pressure on top from Terry means Niklas is unable to move. Both fighters are now showing signs of fatigue. Terry takes Niklas down once more but this time a reversal from Niklas off the cage is good. Niklas has the heel hook again but this time it looks deep. Terry manages to free himself. Fight finishes with both trying for heel hooks. Terry takes unanimous decision win.

Net up we have Mr Bag & Tag’ Nathan Jones v Walter ‘ The Sniper’ Gahadza. Walter comes out quick looking to take this to the ground as he does what he wants. On the ground Walter was landing heavy damage with elbow after elbow on Jones. Many a fight could have been stopped at this stage but Jones was doing enough on the bottom to keep it going. 2nd round Walter comes out with same game plan to clinch and take it to the ground, but Walter has worked this out. Now each time Walter comes in for the take down hes eats knees to the body. Jones manages to catch Walter twice with a beautiful O-goshi t take him to the ground. Jones now has the better on the deck, Passing walters guard into mount and raining down a ton of elbows and punches. I have it 1&1 going into final round. Round 3 starts with both fighters now feeling tired from damage received and given in first two rounds. Not a lot of contact in the final round with Walter and Jones keeping the distance and not wanting to commit and a possible loss of the fight. Mr Bag & Tag’ Nathan Jones comes away with a split decision win and gives Walter his first pro defeat.

BAMMA co main event for the vacant Lonsdale Lightweight Title was between Rhys ‘Skeletor’ McKee v Jai Herbert. This fight didn’t last long at all!! Jai came out really quick and hard looking to d early damage on Rhys. Rhys who has only had 3 pro fights before this fight use his reach to keep Jai back till the opportunity presented itself, & when it did he fished it style. Only 1:49 of 1st round had gone when Rhys connected with a beautiful left hand with perfect placement to Jai’s chin, the fight was done. Rhys is a young fighter now 4-0 in his pro fights and now sits with his first of many straps around his weight. Expect to see this man snapped up by the lager promotions within next 18 months. Big Big things on the card for this young fighter from Northern Ireland.

Main event – BAMMA World Bantamweight Title Tom ‘Firekid’ Duquesnoy (c) v Alan ‘The Apprentice’ Philpott.

Two men at the top of their game both with skill sets that set them apart from the rest take to the cage where Tom has put his current Title on the line. Alan came into this fight with everyone’s putting him a big underdog to Tom, but make no mistake Alan does not see himself as an underdog. Round one starts and both men are looking to work. Alan is very skilled at getting in & and out without being hit and used this movement in the 1st round to tag Tom. Make no mistake about it to tag Tom is not an easy task. First round is very back and forth both men landing shots, but with both having such high skills this was never going to be a short fight. Tom working elbows in clinch while Alan connects each time he forces his way out of the clinch. First round end and I don’t know who take it. 2nd round starts much of the same as 1st both looking to fight on the feet. Tom manages to catch Alan with a short elbow form the clinch and jumps on him to finish. Alan is to strong and works to get to his feet, but Tom has hooks in and will not lose this position. With 3:35 gone in 2nd round Tom rolls Alan onto his back and sinks the RNC in with full force. Alan makes the tap and the fight is over. Mr Duquesnoy is a special talent that will surely be snapped up after this fight. 2 weight world champ with the world at his feet. Be sure to keep an eye on this one! Alan may go home having been defeated but no one has ever put Tom under that type of pressure never mind connected with punches. Alan is another high touted fighter from Northern Ireland that will be making big moves in 2017.

After a small break in proceedings we have Bellator169.

First fight on the Bellator169 was local boy Dylan “The Nuke” Tuke v Camron ‘Camchida’ Else. This fight was fast 20 seconds to be exact. Dylan is a fan favourite throughout Ireland and a highly touted prospect on these shores. Dylan came to a party atmosphere in the 3Areana the crowd signing and chanting their fighters name. Camron came out to a chorus of boos but this did not detour the young man. Dylan with his style likes to come forward and put pressure on a fighter but Camron took this in his stride to deliver a deadly left hand which put Dylan to the ground, 20 seconds gone and ref Mark Goddard had no choice but to end the fight. Camron ‘Camchida’ Else wins via TKO 20 seconds into 1st round.

Next on the Bellator169 card we have Daniel Weichel(37-9) v Brian Moore(9-4)

Brian is making his debut under the Belltor MMA banner. After building a reputation as someone who will fight anyone anywhere. For a debut fight things don’t get much harder than Weichel who would be considered the number 1 contender in the Featherweight division. Brian came out fast wanting t stamp his authority early. This did not hinder Weichel who has been there and done it all before. Weichel took the fight to the ground when he wanted, but Brain using the cage as support was able to take it to its feet each time. At 4:44 into first round Weichel took his time to work his way into Brian’s half guard and slipped in a very tight arm triangle to which Brian tapped out to. Weichel moves on to what should be a title shot. Daniel Weichel def. Brian Moore via submission (arm-triangle choke)(Round 1, 4:44)

3rd fight under Bellator169 card was Sinead Kavanagh(3-0) v Elina Kallionidou (5-0). Round 1 starts and Sinead is not holding back she comes out all guns blazing. Sinead is well-known for walking forward and not taking a backwards step and this is what we got. Elina was unable to any damage in first round and this gave Sinead the forward motion to drop bom after bomb on Elina. Elina was very lucky t get out of first round with ref having a close look at her a number of times. Round 2 was much the same as the first. With Sinead pinning Elina against the cage holding her there, she was exploding the knees, elbows and punches. Elina has shown nothing in this round but she does have a chin. RD 3 and surly Elina knows she is down by 2? 3rd round again Sinead took control early walking Elina down asking her to commit to even a punch. Without Elina willing to fight back Sinead unloaded everything she had in her arsenal. Sinead wins via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-25, 30-26)

Co- main event time at Belltor169 James Gallagher (4-0) v Anthony Taylor (1-1).

This fight has had people taking for weeks. With the back and forth on Twitter and at all the press conferences fight fans were expecting big things. Anthony how was possible the most hated person in Dublin that evening walking out to a Dublin crown that wanted blood, and not just anyone’s blood but his. Once Anthony entered the cage the lights dropped as a son of Dublin took to the stage. The crowd was at full capacity with everyone on their feet to watch the entrance. James enters the arena and only in Ireland will you hear as much noise for one of the own. Holding the tricolour of Ireland above his head James made his way to the cage focused and ready to fight. Rd 1 starts with Anthony coming out fast looking to make a statement. James not rushed or worried rides the wave and laughs in his face as Anthony struggles to find any range. James does a great Job on controlling the distance and giving very little target for Anthony to land. Rd 1 ends after 5 minutes of high intensity fighting. Rd 2 starts and we are expecting more of the same, and more of the same we got. These two have come here to FIGHT!! Looks like same game plan as first for James. Taking his time, sliding in and out dropping that left hand each time he connects on Anthony. Anthony will not back down though and keeps coming forward-looking for the clinch. James is a BJJ brown belt and very happy to go to the ground with anyone. I’d give round 2 to James as he is the fighter doing the most damage. 3rd round starts and James has had enough waiting and decides to attack. Using inside and outside legs kicks Anthony pace has really slowed allowing James to take his back. From there Anthony decides to walk to his corner with James on his back. Wrong decision as James using the forward motion rolls Anthony to his back and sinks the RNC in. The crowd absolute goes mad, theirs beer in the air and the chants of “Olay Olay Olay Olay” are back but even louder. James Gallagher def. Anthony Taylor via RNC Round 3, 1:52

Bellator main event Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal v Satoshi Ishii

After the highs of the co-main event this fight had alt to live up to in regards to action. King Mo who Ireland has taken as one of own really wanted to end the night on a high by knocking out Ishii. Where as Ishii plan was different. If were honest this fight was a letdown for the fans as a main event. Mo was the aggressor for the full fight but Ishii was not having it and didn’t seem interested to be in there. All 3 rounds of this fight went down the same, MO coming forward Ishii moving back and staying out of danger. less said about this fight the better.

Muhammed Lawal def. Satoshi Ishii via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

By: Emmett Glenn



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