Bobby Moffett – UFC on the Horizon

“We want to build up to the point where there is nobody out there that we wouldn’t fight, and Bobby is there.” – Rick Guerrero (Mata Leon Management)

(Thur, March 30, 2017)– Bobby Moffett compiled an impressive 6 – 0 amateur record before he began his professional MMA career in June of 2013. Moffett is a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu and has solid grappling skills.

He is a 5’10” featherweight who brings with him quickness, footwork, and good standup movement. Moffett has shown himself to be a patient fighter in the cage and has shown an excellent ability to control distance. Moffett’s conditioning is outstanding and at the age of only twenty-seven Bobby has the composure of a veteran.

Moffett is an extremely alert fighter. He wields effective jiu jitsu and is always looking for the submission.

Moffett has proven himself very capable of submitting his opponent, with six of his nine victories having been by way of submission.

Rick Guerrero of Meta Leon Management started with Moffett the moment he turned professional and after four years could not be more proud. Guerrero explained the goal is to get Bobby into the UFC, and would not be surprised to see Moffett enter MMA’s highest level of competition this year. Guerrero feels with two or three more quality wins Bobby would be at the UFC doorstep. With a current professional record of 9 – 2, some critics believe Bobby is already knocking at the door.

It seems quite fair to conclude Moffett would match up for an excitingly competitive fight with many of the UFC’s current featherweights.

“Bobby has taken all of the steps to get to the next level, including moving down to Arizona to train at the MMA Lab. Right now he can compete with much of the UFC 145 division,” explains Guerrero.

Bobby plans to fight for Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) in May. At present he does not have an opponent due to fighters electing to shy away from the challenge.

Moffett’s management has gone as far as to express they will fight any of the top prospects out there, in and out of LFA.

“From LFA’s Aguilera to a Mark Cherico type, will take all comers. We understand how difficult it is to get in the UFC at 145. Bobby will always be ready for a short notice fight at 145 or 155,” adds Rick Guerrero.

“Yes I feel I am ready for the UFC,” explains Bobby ‘The Wolfman’ Moffett.

When asked if there was any UFC featherweight he would like to see as his first opponent Moffett replied, “I don’t have anyone in particular that I would like to fight. I eventually want to fight all of them. I want to be the best.”

There is no doubt that Moffett is a gamey competitor who always comes to win. He is a smart grappler with serious skill. It seems clear that Moffett is looking towards the horizon and has set his destination on the UFC.

“Bobby is definitely UFC ready now and that’s where we see him going,” Rick Guerrero (Mata Leon Management)

“Bobby is an exciting fighter who is considerably better then his already very good MMA professional record documents.” – Tommy V.
(MMA professional record)

T.J. Brown December 9, 2016 Win Split Decision 3 – Rounds
Raoni Barcelos June 17, 2016 Loss Decision 5 – Rounds
Caleb Williams February 6, 2016 Win Submission Round 2
Dan Moret March 8, 2015 Win Decision 3 – Rounds
David Bo Harris February 7, 2015 Win Submission Round 2
Scott Marckini November 8, 2014 Win TKO (Corner stoppage) Round 1
Kenny Jordan September 13, 2014 Loss Decision 3 – Rounds
Pedro Velasco April 5, 2014 Win Submission Round 1
Terry House Jr. February 8, 2014 Win Submission Round 1
Drew Morais October 5, 2013 Win Submission Round 1
Julian Collins June 22, 2013 Win Submission Round 1

By – Thomas Vickers (MMA Journalist)

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