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Brave champ Carlston Harris accepts Al-Selawe as a possible challenger, willing to fight in Jordan

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Brave Welterweight champion Carlston Harris wants to fight outside of Brazil and defend his title in a foreign country. Even though he’s from Guyana, “Moçambique” has spent his entire career fighting in Brazil, a place he calls home for nearly eight years now. And he knows his next opponent could very well be Jarrah Al-Selawe, who moved to 3-0 with Brave Combat Federation after shutting down Carl Booth at Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions.

And with “The Jordanian Lion” campaigning for a Brave fight card in his home country, Harris isn’t opposed to defending his belt at his opponent’s home turf. Actually, the Welterweight champion relishes the challenge.

“I would love to fight outside of Brazil, I’ve stated that many times. I wouldn’t mind fighting in my opponent’s backyard. I actually love it. I’ve been in that position before, and I always turn the negative energy from the crowd in my favor. However, this is not my decision, nor Al-Selawe’s call. This is for Brave Combat Federation to decide and I’ll be there to defend my title. Wherever and whenever, be sure of that”, claimed Harris.

The champ was impressed with the discipline shown by Al-Selawe, who stuck with his gameplan, but claims the Jordanian’s victory was somewhat facilitated by a flaw in Booth’s own plan for the fight.

“I felt Al-Selawe did a good job of shutting down Booth’s striking like I did in our title fight. He was very aware of when Carl would come in heavy and changed levels very well. But I think Booth made a mistake of initiating the clinch whenever he was within range. He could have kept things at a striking distance and pepper Al-Selawe with shots, but he clinched too much, which made Al-Selawe’s job easier”, analyzed “Moçambique”.

Al-Selawe x Booth –


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