BREAKING: WBKFF’s $100,000 Lightweight Tournament Competitors, Bracket to be Randomly Selected

On November 9th in Capser, Wyoming, WBKFF will make their promotional debut with the ‘Rise of the Titans’ event. Joining the what seems to be ever-growing lineup of fights will be the kick off of the $100,000 tournament, featuring eight top level combatants.

During the pre-fight press conference taking place on November 7th, the tournament bracket will be randomly selected in front of a live audience, says WBKFF Vice President Paul Tyler.

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The eight-man tournament competitors:

  1. Nick Gonzalez
  2. Isaac Vallie-Flagg
  3. Jay Cucciniello
  4. Estevan Payan
  5. Robbie Peralta
  6. Sean Wilson
  7. Leon Mynhardt
  8. Melvin Guillard

The tournament will span across multiple PPV events, initially commencing at WBKFF 1. Winner will take home $100,000, and a tournament championship belt.

For more information on the Lightweight tournament, be sure to tune into the October 1st press conference, live from Chicago. Also, be sure to follow Adam LeBarr, Lead Staff Writer on Twitter: @thefightersblog

(photos via: Sherdog, MMAFighting, Lilius Barnatt)