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Photo Courtsey of Bellator MMA

With Eddie Alvarez leaving for the UFC that left questions about what would happen with the Bellator MMA Lightweight Title, well those questions will be answered Saturday, November 15th. Interim title holder Will Brooks defeated Michael Chandler for the Interim title back in May of this year, a fight made possible because of Eddie Alvarez suffering a concussion and having to pull out of the 3rd fight between Alvarez and Chandler for the linear Bellator Lightweight Championship.  And would have been the 3rd fight in undoubtedly the greatest trilogy in MMA history, regardless of the promotional banner to which the fights took place.

So, since Alvarez-Chandler 3 didn’t become a thing, so enter Will Brooks. Many thought that Will wouldn’t stack up very well with Michael Chandler, and Will knew it. Luckily for fight fans he didn’t listen. To say he came in ready is an understatement. Brooks used timing with his strikes and wrestling to offset Chandler’s amazing speed to earn a split decision and the interim title.

So what happens in November? How does the Bellator’s lightweight division move on since losing one of its biggest crowd pleasers in Eddie Alvarez? Michael Chandler feels he is still the crowd pleaser saying.

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