Bruce Boyington Pumped For Long-Awaited CES Debut

RHODE ISLAND (Thu, June 7, 2017)– Before Bruce Boyington squares off with Nate Andrews at CES 45 on August 11 in Lincoln, R.I., LIVE on AXS TV Fights, the hard-hitting featherweight spoke with FightBookMMA.

For those familiar with MMA in New England, it seems this fight has been a long time coming. Have you been thinking about this fight for a while?

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There’s no doubt about it, there are only so many people in the top ten who have stuck around over the years and we’ve both been on a similar trajectory. These are the guys you’re likely to get matched up with, sooner or later, and he’s just one of the ones that I’ve wanted to fight for a while. And here we are.

What does he bring to the table as a fighter?

I look at people and check out what they’re good at and what they’re less good at. With Nate, one thing you can question is the level of opponent he’s run up against compared to other guys in the division. I’m feeling confident about that. As far as his strengths, there’s no doubt he’s a bit bigger than I am. I’m focused on putting on some weight to get ready for this fight. As you know, I’ve been fighting at 145 for a while now and I’ll be back at 155, trying to get my size back on. He’s definitely a stronger guy and he’s good enough but that being said, he’s going to be surprised by how good I am. His striking isn’t bad but it’s made to look a lot better than it is by the competition he’s come up against. And to the contrary, people would see how good my striking is if I had more opportunities to stand up, but people just want to lock me up and take me down to the ground. I hope he wants to stand and bang because that’s going to be a hell of a fight that people will want to see.

What will this victory mean for your career?

It’s an important one for me. He’s 10-1 so that speaks for itself. At this point in my career, I’m on a two fight losing streak and I hate that. I’ve lost some fights early in my career but those happened when my life was in the gutter; I hadn’t even begun to tap into my full potential. Once I got on the right track, it was obvious how good I was as a fighter. I did lose a couple in a row, but one was to Russia’s top prospect at 145 and the other against America’s top prospect at the time at 145. It’s time for me to get back on track and make a statement to remind people of where I stand. CES is a good place for me right now. It’s a very important time for me to get a win against a guy like Nate and put me near the top of New England and show the world where I stand. I can’t wait to make my CES debut and continue moving up that ladder.

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