Cagezilla Fighting Championship 2


Cagezilla Fighting Championship 2
Event Time: May 30, 2015 7:00 PM EDT
Location: Ashburn VA

Friday May 29th, 2015– Cagezilla comes to Ashburn, VA this weekend for another action-packed event for fight fans to enjoy. The event brings a host of amateur fighters to the cage where they will seek to continue honing their talent before the jump to the big leagues. One fighter to watch is the 4-1 Ryan Hill, who comes in ranked as the #1 amateur welterweight in Montana by Talents like these often find themselves on events like Cagezilla, which makes them a great place to get acquainted with the MMA stars of tomorrow. Catch the action on

Cagezilla Fighting Championship 2 Fight Card:

Ben Allen vs. Rene Chavez

Samuulah Amady vs. Ryan Hill

Alvin Amana vs. Brent Walter

Aaron Better vs. Andrew Horace

Julian Brown vs. Hans Schenk

Ralph Garcia vs. John Amos

Matt Skibicki vs. Joe McMahon

Desmond Torres vs. James Huffman

Leon Tsai vs. Chase Dews

Anthony Wilson vs. Derek Bracey

Bobby Wilford vs. Will Kim


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