Caught in the web with the “Black Widow”: Jessica Borga

Lakeland, FL  (April 17th, 2017)- Everyone’s version of what a badass is supposed to look like can be very different. When I think of a badass I think of tats and muscles. Jessica “Black Widow” Borga definitely fits the bill. FightBookMMA caught up with the Florida prospect earlier today.

Dustin- You first stepped into the cage back in the summer of 2015. You managed an uber fast knock out win in that first outing. What was going through your mind after that fight?

Jessica- “That was it?”

Dustin- Since that “That was it” moment. How have you progressed both in the gym and in the cage?

Jessica- I have become mentally stronger as well as work on things that I have realized that I needed to work on and has made me become a better person as well as a better fighter. As well as injuries making me get better at other things as well.

Dustin- You touched on your injuries and the big one was the broken hand. As the addage goes it’s the darkest before the dawn. What did you learn coming off that particular injury?

Jessica- I actually got better in other areas because of it.  my technique in other areas excelled because of it and I also studied more.   Injuries help you mentally more than anything it reminds you that you’re still capable of doing so much even was one I actually got better in other areas because of it.  my technique in other areas excelled because of it and I also studied more.   Injuries help you mentally more than anything it reminds you that you’re still capable of doing so much even when one appandage is gone.

Dustin- From what I could tell your fight with Chelsea McCoy at WCFL for the title seemed to be a turning point in your young career. What are your thoughts?

Jessica- I did feel like that was my toughest fight yet and coming out with the win made me very happy I thought there was a lot that I could have done better but I have to remind myself that I’m still doing this sport I’m learning very fast and I couldn’t ask for a better speed at Learning but there’s a long way for me to go and I’m just loving every step of the journey bad and good.

Dustin- You’ve fought in Florida, Maine, and Montana. What have those experiences been like?

Jessica- Makes you realize that traveling does have a huge impact on a lot of things but it has been extremely amazing and I am very grateful for the opportunity to get used to as an amateur.

Dustin- Prior to heading out to Montana you found out about a medical condition. Would you care to touch on that a bit?

Jessica- I did have cancer and I got it removed I get rechecked in September to make sure I’m in the clear. I had it removed the week before last when I got back from Montana.

Dustin- Youre eight fights into your ammy career where does the “Black Widow” go from here?

Jessica- I just want to keep training and getting better and fighting people that are top rank so that I can test myself I like a challenge and Go Pro when my coach and myself feel as if I’m ready. UFC is the goal! I’m determined to make a name for myself and I’m not going to stop until I do.  When I leave this world I will be remembered.

Dustin- No fighter goes into the cage alone until the cage door locks. Tell the Black Widow and FightBookMMA fans who has helped you along the way.

Jessica- I love my fans friends teammates coaches and sponsors I love every single one of you and I couldn’t do it without you! With that said I’d like to say thank you to all of those sponsors. 

Jessica-A shout out and huge thank you to all my amazing sponsors: Anytime fitness, winners cricle,, odis 12 bar and grille, Byrd and Gonzales Lawfirm, MMA roadhog racing, G&G Electric, Fatjacks, B&L Tires, NFE supplements, Rock city tattoos and piercings, chiropractic center of lakeland, Holly custom painting, Boots and Buckles, fighting for Autism and of course my amazing team Champions MMA.

Dustin- We always like to ask the fighters if there is one thing they would like to say to the fans what would that be?

Jessica- And to my fans, there’s only one of me but hundreds of you who push me to be who I’m destined to be. Couldn’t do it without you all! Thank you for your support.

It’s amazing just how amazing of example Jessica is setting down in Lakeland and she will be one to keep your eye out on as a loyal fan or a casual fan.

By: Dustin Hill 

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