CES MMA 45 Ashley Gooch vs. Juliano Coutinho Recap And Photographs

RHODE ISLAND (Sun, August 13, 2017) August 11, 2017 Live from the Twin River Event Center in Lincoln Rhode Island CES 45 took place and oh man were MMA fans in for a treat. 8 fights were about to take place and there was a feeling that another great event was upon us.

FightBookMMA’s correspondent Jarett Kelly and photographer Kelley Bangs were in attendance for this spectacular event. Below you will find out recap and photographs.

The Main and Co main events of the evening put up two title fights. Ashley Gooch put up his CES heavyweight belt against local MA fighter Juliano “Banana” Coutinho fighting out of Juniko in Hyannis MA. In the Co Main event is the Interim Featherweight bout between Saul “the Spider” Almeida and Pedro Gonzalez. Both looking for their first CES title. The winner will most likely face current Featherweight Champ Matt Bessette who is recovering from a broken right hand, which he suffered on the very first episode of DWTCS in the main event.

John Douma Pro Debut vs. Jason Rine 0-2 Featherweight

Round 1 Douma with the take down, good ground and pound. Took his back trying for the rear naked. Few attempts at the rear naked didn’t come through. Reverse with Rine on top. Back to the feet. Douma with another take down, top control. John with total top control, taking his back with some G&P. Sticks in the rear naked and Rine taps @4.48 of the very first round. Hell of a pro debut from local Narragansett RI native.

Leon Davis 9-3 vs. Andrew Osborne 7-11 Lightweight

Round 1 starts out with some kicks by each. Nice punch to the face by Leon, then it leads to the ground with Osborne taking control. And like that BOOM. Kick to the head by Leon and then he pounced. Ref Brian Miner stops the fight @ 1.31 by TKO. I can’t say I’m stunned, no offense to Osborne it’s just that Davis is that good and finishes like that are common, kudos to the future star!

Richie Santiago 5-0 vs. Miguel Restrepo 4-4 Bantamweight

Richie comes in with an undefeated record of 4-0 and Restrepo at 4-3.

Round 1 starts with Richie taking the center, punches by both. Heavy left by Santiago. Richie with the hands that are connecting. Lots of activity by both with Santiago landing the shots. Heavy hands to the face for Santiago. Restrepo is taking each shot, not really affecting him. Ref stopped for a low blow. Quick to the action. Knockdown by Richie, quick to his feet. Both have landed some shots but not seeming to affect each other. Blows by both to end the round.

Round 2 both guys throwing to end the fight, all misses to start the round. Restrepo with the knockdown. Pouncing on Richie. Back to his feet. Punches by Restrepo are landing and hurting Richie. He has the heart but not the punches at the moment. Restrepo with the hands to the face and then Richie takes him down quick and goes for his back. Richie takes his back and Good Night Irene (@MichaelSchiavello). Ref stops @3.41 of Rd2. TKO for Santiago. The fight looked like it was going Restrepo’s way until the heart of Santiago shinned and he powered through for an amazing win. I haven’t heard the @twinrivereventcenter that loud in some time!

Gary Balletto Jr. 4-1 vs. Nick Alley 3-2 Welterweight

Round 1 Quick punches from Gary. Both fall on a missed kick and Gary pounces. Leg lock and heal hook by Balletto, Alley got out of. Gary again takes it to the ground after a heavy punch to the face. Top control by Balletto Jr. Switch up and Alley is on top. Alley continues to G&P on top with Gary holding his own. Quick flip and Balletto gets up. Hit to the face by Gary gets Alleys attention. An action packed round 1 to start the fight. Right to the face by Gary, standing and swapping blows to end the round.
Round 2 Balletto Jr. looking for the KO to start, heavy hands. Neither landing. WOW right hand to the face by Balletto and that’s a wrap. He pounced and the G&P was too much. Ref Brian Miner steps in to stop the fight by TKO Rd 2 @.58

Kris. Moutinho 4-1 vs. Brandon Seyler 6-6

Round 1 Moutinho taking the ring control. Seller with the slam and immediately Kris with the headlock from the bottom. Kris backs up. Seller with control against the cage and takes Kris down. Elbows from Kris. Seller with the neck of Kris and he kept cranking and Moutinho taps @3.08 of Rd 1. Seller was a beast in there against an extremely tough fighter in Moutinho. Great win Mr. Seyler!

Nate Andrews 11-1 vs. Bruce Boyington 14-11 Lightweight

Round 1 Round starts off with Nate in the center taking control, feeling each other out. Andrews the aggressor. Missed spinning back kick by Boyington leads to Nate on top. B.B. quickly up. Clinch against the cage. B.B. misses another kick and falls and Nate takes him to the ground. Takes B.B’s back and continues G&P. Andrews keeps on him and Boyington try’s to scramble away. A few rear naked attempts by Andrews to end the round.

Round 2 Boyington starts off with some high kicks, each blocked by Andrews. Kidney shot by B.B. Bruce keeps trying the spinning kicks with no avail. Each blocked by Nate with him taking the ground and on his back. Some G&P with Boyington on top, Nate trying the tap. All of a sudden Nate has the triangle and Brian Miner stops the fight @ 2.14 Rd 2 by Tap Out. Do not let the slippery Snake get your back or this can happen to a very tough Boyington. Stellar 11-1 record should have Mr. White’s attention.

Co Main Featherweight
Saul Almeida 19-9 vs. Pedro Gonzalez 12-5 for the Interim Featherweight title.

Round 1 Punches trying to end the fight quick by both fighters. Blows by both, hand and kicks. Nothing fazing either fighter. Everything thrown has been blocked by both. Saul controlling the center but Pedro isn’t backing down from any of it. Fight ending punches from Saul, not connecting. Quick takedown at the end of the round for Saul, quickly back to their feet.
Round 2 Saul with the low kicks to start, all blocked. Surprisingly no take down attempts for Pedro, 10 wins by submission one would think at least one attempt. Almeida is controlling the center with kicks and punches. Eye poke to Saul, ref steps in to stop. Back to action. Kicks kicks and more kicks by both. Nothing of any damage. End of round.

Round 3 Back and forth kicks and punches to start the round. Saul is the aggressor as Pedro only responds to what Saul is doing. Quick takedown from Saul, back up immediately. As Saul back pedals Pedro trying some punches and then Saul takes him down. End of round with much of the same.

Round 4 Starts off as much of the same. Saul controlling the center but nothing is landing. Voce versa for Gonzalez. He is only responding to what Saul does. This seems to be the game plan and it’s working in his favor. Two quick punches from Pedro gets Saul’s attention. Hard kick to the mid section drops Saul for a second. Back up and more of the same. Kicks and punches at distance not doing any damage. Saul comes in to try a takedown but the round ends.

Round 5 Final round to find an Interim Champ. Saul comes out as the aggressor but takes a kick to the kidney and he drops. Pedro pounces. Back to the feet. Saul has Pedro against the fence and takes him down. Pedro has ahold of Saul’s neck from bottom. Saul rolls and takes Pedro’s back. Rear naked attempt is well defended by Gonzalez. Saul has his back but can’t seem to capitalize on it as the round closes with 40 seconds left for a title. Round ends with Saul having Pedro’s back.

Judges score the fight 49-46 for new Interim Champ Pedro Gonzalez. The judges could have gone either way but they did get it right. Congrats the new champ! Be ready cause current Champ Matt Bessette is as hungry as ever!

Main Event
Ashley Gooch 10-6 (Champ) vs. Juliano Coutinho 8-4 Heavyweight

Round 1 Round starts off with each feeling each other out. Gooch is controlling the center. Gooch is looking to end it with one punch. Juliano takes the clinch against the cage. Coutinho has Ashley on the fence, not too much action. Straight left by Juliano stuns Gooch for a second. Quick jab by Juliano to end the round.

Round 2 Jabs by Gooch to start the round. Heavy hands by both. Juliano with the takedown that he’s been looking for. Gooch gets up quickly. Another takedown by Juliano. Coutinho is trying for the sub, as he is a BBJ black belt and not one to mess with on the canvas. Trying for the Komura on the champ. Heavy elbows. Gooch try’s to get out and Juliano takes his back. Gooch gets back to his feet with Coutinho keeping on him. Takedown 3 of the round by Coutinho. Heavy ground and pound leads to a quick stop and NEW heavyweight champ is crowned @ 4.18 by TKO. !!

The fight couldn’t have gone any better in my eyes for the new champ. The Gooch was obviously tough and one shot could have easily ended it. Congrats Mr. Banana!

As the night unfolded not many would have seen so many quick finishes and comebacks with all the talent Pat Sullivan and Jimmy Burchfield Jr put together. Their team is second to none. Again congrats to the new champs, Coutinho and Gonzalez, enjoy what you have both worked very hard for.

How can you not love the quick finishes by Douma especially on his pro debut. Leon Davis is a beast in the ring and its about time every knows this and gives the man his respect. Santiago and Balletto Jr. shined on their Television debut on @AXSTV, no doubt each will see their fan bases grow. These two young fighters are destined for greatness. Props to Restrepo and Alley who are tough guys who just didn’t have their night. Seyler also showed how tough and well-rounded he is after stunning Kris Moutino in Round 1. Both are on the ups and will shine for this or any promotion they fight in.

Nate The Snake Andrews showed why he has only 1 loss and now 11 win’s as he was able to get the better of a very very tough Boyington. Very slippery, like none other Boyington said after the fight. We will see Andrews on the next level for sure!

For any future CES card you need to get yourself there and support all the local fighters. This is just as good if not better than any other promotion out there and AXS TV is lucky to have such a great partnership. Makes me proud to be a New Englander! One love!

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Article By: Jarett Kelly
Photographs: Kelley Bangs


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