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Lincoln, Rhode Island (Sat, November 18, 2017)– CES MMA 47 took place on Friday, November 17, 2017 at the Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island. The main card aired live and free on AXS TV Fights. 

FightBookMMA’s correspondent Jarett Kelly and Photographer Kelly Bangs attended the event. Below you will find the official results and photographers. 

Fight 1

Yorgan DeCastro (1-0) vs. James Dysard (0-3) Light Heavyweight

Round 1: Fight starts both throwing fists in the center of the cage. DeCastro takes him down after a few lefts and starts to pound on Dysard. He then takes Dysard down and pounds on him with punches to the head from behind. Before you can say stop, the ref steps in and ends the fight. Fight was stopped @ .39 second of the very first Round.

Fight 2

Tyler Hamilton (1-0) vs. Montoyia Swilling (0-6) Lightweight

Round 1: Starts out with some quick jabs by both guys. Then boom Hamilton drops Swilling with a left punch and pounces. He grabs Swilling’s back and that’s a wrap. Ref steps in and calls the fight @ .46 seconds of Round 1 by Darce choke. Great pro debut for Tyler!!

Fight 3

Jose Lugo (1-0) vs. Michael Taylor (1-1) Flyweight

Round 1: Touch of the gloves and we are on. Lugo takes the center. Kicks by both. Both throw wild hands, Lugo clinches against the cage. Lugo with a take down, quickly back up. Taylor with a hard right drops Lugo and Taylor sinks in a choke. Lugo ends up on top. Ground and pound. He takes mount and they tie up. Lugo rains down as Taylor tries to escape. Then he takes the back and tries a Rear Naked choke. Lugo gets out and takes the top again. They again roll on the canvas and Lugo sinks in the Rear Naked and that’s a wrap. Ref calls the fight @3.33 by Rear Naked or Round 1. What a great Pro Debut. Watch out for Lugo… You have been warned Flyweights.

Fight 4

Kris Moutinho (4-2) vs David Garcia (5-3) Bantamweight

Round 1: Fight starts with Garcia taking some swings, nothing landed. Kris with some punches to the face. Garcia shoots in for the takedown, defends well. High kick by Garcia to the head. Back to the center. Clinch by Moutinho against the cage, defends another takedown. Elbows to the side of Moutinho. He picks Garcia up and slams him in front of his corner. Wow WWE style. Kris gains top control. Great defense by Garcia. Then Garcia gets the back and sinks in a Guillotine choke and Kris taps. Ref steps in and calls the fight @ 3.07 by Guillotine. Winner Garcia comes into enemy territory and gets the win.

Fight 5

John Douma (2-0) vs. Marky Trader (2-1) Featherweight

Round 1: They touch gloves and fight on. Punches by both trying to feel each other out. Douma is the aggressor and they tie up. Failed takedown attempt by Douma. Clinch with Douma taking control against the cage. Douma leans in and starts to throw bombs to Traders face. They all connected and the ref stops in. What a pounding Douma put on Trader, boxing is on point! Ref stops the fight @2.12 of Round 1.

Fight 6

Richie Santiago (6-0) vs. Tashawn Mack (6-2) Bantamweight

Round 1: Quick takedown by Richie to start the round. He takes top control. Punches from the top as Richie still controls and tries for mount. Big punches from Richie on top. They scramble on the ground with Richie still controlling the top. Mack tries the leg lock from the bottom and sinks it in. Richie fights his way out. Tough ground and pound from Richie and he eventually takes the back and would not let go. Ref stops the fight @3.05 of the very first round. What a quick display of dominance for Santiago as he stays undefeated at 6-0. Dana White has a new contender in the Bantamweight division.

Fight 7 Co Main

Nate Andrews (12-1) vs. Tyler Combs (14-14) Lightweight

RI ‘s finest MMA athlete takes the stage against a great foe. Fight starts with the feeling out process. Combs trying to be the aggressor. Takes Nate to the fence, they clinch. Knees by both. Nate with a quick takedown and takes side control. The Snake rains down elbows and fists to the head of Combs from the back. Nate takes the back and sinks in the rear naked. Great defense by Combs on the back but it’s too much and Nate sinks in the rear naked that fast. Ref stops the fight @2.25 of Round 1 by rear naked.

Fight 8 Main Event

Greg Rebello (23-8) vs Derrick Brown (7-5) Heavyweight

Round 1: Local MMA standout Rebello takes the first fight after his KO loss in DWTCS this summer. Both feeling each other out. Ribz with a big punch, misses but not by much. Then one punch to the body drops Brown and Greg pounces and Good Night Irene. Ref steps in and stops the fight @1.22 of Round 1.


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