CFC 5 standout John Curry predicts his win: “I’m gonna win by TKO late in the second round”

Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships (CFC) 5 will take place on Saturday October 20, 2018 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee at the Mid TN Expo Center. Event doors will open at 630 p.m. and fights will start at 730 pm.

One of the fighters on the card is John Curry (4-2) who trains in Springfield Tennessee under Joey Brassell. His training partners include CFC lightweight champion Darryl Lee and CFC Bantamweight number one contender Alex Traughber. John made his CFC debut at CFC 4 and won easily in the first round over Cameron Taylor. He returns at CFC 5 to fight for the Flyweight title against Clarence Mathis (3-2).

Before he steps in the cage to face Mathis he sat down and spoke with CEO of FightBookMMA Roberto Villa.

John thank you sitting with me to talk about our next fight at CFC 5. Before we get into this interview, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hey my name is John. I want to win MMA Titles!

Why MMA?

I want to start with this CFC Flyweights title because I’m aiming to takeover 125lbs. I’m the one to beat that’s it

What is it like to train with Alex Traughber every day?

Alex is an awesome person to train with every time. Teamwork makes the big dreams seem more possible. I like how he is always racing to meet higher standards for life

Your last fight was against Cameron Taylor, can you walk us through that fight?

My last fight against Cameron Taylor was meant to be exciting and after the bell rang we fired off with about fifteen strikes total before the clinch put me in position to unload four knees. My knees ended by tripping him onto his back as I continued to send heaven to hell blows by hand until the referee called the TKO

Afterwards it looked like in celebration you bounced of the cage and did the people’s elbow to a imaginary opponent, when you did that did you know that Johnathan Ivey has actually done that during a professional MMA fight?

Yeah , I tried to do something else actually meant to be a leg drop. I did look that up and it’s true about Jonathan Ivey preforming the move against a live opponent. However when I did my little stunt I didn’t happen to have Ivey’s brilliant bout in my mind at that time

NICE. Have you been able to find any of Clarence’s fights online to look at them?

I found two online. He has some respectable talent and that is the best thing I could think about saying. He definitely shouldn’t have a chance beating me because those two of his only three wins are these videos I’ve been studying

John I’m going to ask you some rapid questions before we continue with the rest of the interview.

1.) Celebrity crush.

Yeah right, all of em except the bad ones (laughs)

2.) Favorite band or music

Limp Bizkit

3.) If you can fight someone either past or present who would it be?

I don’t have anyone that I’m gunning after wanting to fight

What area’s do you think you are on a different level than Clarence?

My skill list in grappling is on a higher level of technique I believe

How do you see your title fight October 20th in the CFC going?

I’m gonna win by TKO late in the second round

Depending on the outcome of Alex’s title fight, would you ever consider moving up to Bantamweight to capture that title as well?

I’m not interested in shifting weight classes until I am told to do so by the Team. If they stick me on Bantamweight amateur champions, then I’ll go after it

Anything you want to tell Clarence before you face him at CFC 5?

Be a man Clarence and buy a Mercedes Benz!

John thank you again for the interview. Any sponsors or shout outs you want to give the floor is yours.

Thank you for the interview too. Of course shout out to the Gym Team “Joey Brassell’s Family Martial Arts”