CFC heavyweight champ Sammy Walker talks about his title fight at middleweight at CFC 5 and how he wants to be a two weight champion

Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships (CFC) 5 will take place on Saturday October 20, 2018 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee at the Mid TN Expo Center. Event doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and fights will start at 7:30 pm. This event is stacked from top to bottom.

On October 20th Kyle Lee will defend his title against the CFC heavyweight champion Sammy Walker. Sammy has been dominant in the middleweight division in the Tennessee area for years. He fought at CFC 3 against huge heavyweight Chase McMullen, after a brief scramble for position Sammy landed a monster uppercut that sent Chase crashing to the ground. Sammy had just won the CFC heavyweight title. Sammy fought on a couple different organizations but now he is returning to the CFC to drop down to his original weight class of middleweight to take on the CFC middleweight champion Kyle Lee. You don’t want to miss this fight its going to be good!

But before Sammy steps in the cage to face Lee he sat down and talked to Roberto Villa CEO of FightBookMMA about this fight and what he does outside of training.

Hello Sammy thank you for taking the time to talk to me on your busy schedule. Can you tell me and the fans a bit about yourself?

Well my name is Sammy Walker, I like to compete and train in MMA, I also record and write music whenever I’m not training. I’m a big fan of sports and movies, so I’m always watching a football or basketball game or hitting up the theater to watch a new movie.

Man I need to check out your music soon. So Why MMA?

I’ve been watching MMA since I was around 10 or 11 maybe and as I got older it grew on me and I always wanted to try it out and eventually some things in my life led me to this sport which I’m grateful for and now here I am (laughs).

Same here been watching and training since I was a kid. Sammy if fighting wasn’t in your life, what would you be doing?

I would definitely be doing music or some type of acting. I love music man. I love writing and recording music a lot. I actually still record music and working on a few projects now with a few of my friends so I would for sure be doing music. And the acting I want to do some acting as well, I’m big fan of action and comedy movies and I’m also goofy guy so I think I would be a good actor. Plus I always told myself I wanted to play some type of superhero or cool villain in a movie one day.

Remember us little guys when you become a music star and a famous actor. I hear your based out of the respected Warrior’s Den gym in Dickson Tennessee. Can you tell us what it’s like to train there?

It’s great man. Great team great coaches just a great overall atmosphere. We have a lot of talented fighters as well man and we always get some great work in with each other and push each other everyday to be better and succeed. We have the best coaches as well, they don’t sugar coat or hold back on anything so if you’re slacking or not doing the proper technique then you’ll hear about it. But I love it man we’re growing every year as well and full Gym facility as well with weight equipment, pools, Jacuzzi, sauna, wrestling/ Jiu-Jitsu room. Just a great gym and great team.

That’s awesome. You moved up to heavyweight to Capture the CFC heavyweight title at CFC 3, do you have plans to defend that title or are you back to middleweight for good?

No not really. I took that fight on short notice because I wanted to stay active and actually had a fight scrapped from a card and was able to land that fight, but no I most likely will stay at middleweight. It’s a few fights that are very interesting at heavyweight and even light heavyweight but career wise I’ll stay at middleweight, besides I’m trying to go pro so no point in fighting these bigger guys for no reason, but we shall see never rule it out.

I hear yeah. Can you walk us through your fight with Chase McMullen?

So the game plan was to pick him apart and grappling him and get the submission win late in the 1st round or early 2nd, but I ended up throwing a kick to the body and fell which allowed him the get on top of me, but I wasn’t in any danger or worried at all and after we stood back up he had his hands down real low and I knew I was faster than him, so I set him up and baited him with a little jab and threw a hard straight which connected and ended up dropping him for the win. But man he was big dude but I’ve trained with plenty of bigger guys a lot of the time so I was confident and knew I would win.

Nice. What do you think about Kyle Lee his strengths and weaknesses?

I think Kyle is a great opponent man, umm I mean I don’t really like saying what people’s strength and weakness are because at the end of the day it’s a fight and all that goes out the window whenever we start throwing hands and feet (laughs) but he’s a good fighter, he’s calm and presses the pace good, has good cardio. Seems like he doesn’t like to get hit really which I would say no one does (laughs) but haven’t really seen him get pressured other than the one time he fought Najee, which was a great fight but Najee was a lot smaller than him it seemed so it’ll be interesting to see what he does against a guy the same or bigger than him.

Do you think the opponents you have faced were tougher than what Lee has faced during his career so far?

I mean that’s hard to say really. Styles make fights so it depends on the style match ups. Most of the guys I’ve fought were bigger than all his opponents so it’s really hard to say. End of the day it’s a fight so whoever steps in that cage with your plans on beating you so I don’t know doesn’t matter, each fight is different so can’t say.

Fair enough. How do you see your title fight playing out October 20th?

I think it’ll be a good fight. I think it’ll be more technical and interesting, but I’m working hard as hell and training my ass off for this fight. Preparing well and doing all he right things to get my hand raised at the end of the night. If I win I want Ivey to have my other belt ready to hold up as well. 2 weight champion (laughs).

Well when you get that fight for the other belt lets talk again. Sammy thank you again for the opportunity. Any sponsors or anyone you would like to shout out the floor is yours.

I want to thank God the man above for giving me life and being able to have the opportunity I have to do this beautiful sport, I also want to thank my Gym Warriors Den, all my coaches and teammates for pushing me and helping me become better and better each day. I want to thank my family and friends for supporting me and also want to thank my hometown Dickson CO for being behind me each fight and showing love. Thank my sponsor Ring Warrior Wear, New League Inc, and Mr. Kutz. Also, thank you for this interview. Much love God bless.