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“Combate Estrellas I” a celebrarse mañana viernes 13 de abril, será transmitido por Univisión (12 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT) y UDN (12 a.m. ET/9 p.m. PT) desde The Shrine. Será la primera vez en que Univisión Deportes lleve las acciones de una programación de Artes Marciales Mixtas (MMA).

Aqui tenemos los resultados del pesaje para el evento este Sabado.

Main Card:

1) 135 lbs: John “Sexi Mexi” Castaneda (136 lbs) vs. Jose “Pochito” Alday (135.2 lbs)

2) 125 lbs: Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano (124.3 lbs) vs. Corina Herrera (124.4 lbs)

3) 147 lbs: Jose “Froggy” Estrada (146.7 lbs) vs. “Ruthless” Rudy Morales (147.4 lbs)


4) 155 lbs: Rafa “Gifted” Garcia (154.8 lbs) vs. Chase “El Guero” Gibson (155.9 lbs)

5) 155 lbs: Danny “The Realist” Ramirez (155.9 lbs) vs. Erick “Ghost Pepper” Gonzalez (155.8 lbs)

6) 155 lbs: Javier “El Mariachi” Garcia (155.6 lbs) vs Gabriel Green (155.1 lbs)

7) 125 lbs: Heinrich “Ricky Scraps” Wassmer (126 lbs) vs. “Malicious” Mikey Reyes (124.8 lbs)

8) 144 lbs: Joey “El Cazador” Ruquet (141.5 lbs) vs. Keith “Danger” Carson (144.3 lbs)

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