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Conor McGregor signs new six fight UFC deal

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Just one day after the UFC 229 press conference, McGregor & the UFC have come to a deal that will keep the two time Champion with the company for at least six more fights, including the fight with Khabib. 


Although no details the deal have been released other than McGregor’s whisky “ Proper Twelve”  will be on the canvas of Conor’s fights, to promote his whisky over the world. When asked about the joint deal Conor replied:


“You bet your bollocks it is,” McGregor said. “On the canvas. On the canvas. Like [Khabib’s] blood will be on the canvas.”


The Nevada State Athletic Commission releases all salary figures for the fighters competing in the state, so we should get a better idea of the deal once UFC 229 is over.


The new deal will see McGregor likely get paid even than he has been getting overall, with more up front money & another massive slice of pay-per-view revenue.


Conor McGregor will continue to be the highest paid athlete in the companies history & it is easy to see why.


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