Controversy surrounding UFC 229; The Good and Bad

It’s been almost two weeks since the fallout of one of the most controversial, yet profitable UFC PPVs took place. With UFC undisputed lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov defeating mega-star Conor McGregor by submission, it looked as if Khabib was on his way to considered one of the more beloved and respected MMA fighters in a long time. However, due to the post-fight melee between both Khabib’s and McGregor’s teams, it seemed that even though Khabib became one of the most trending names in mainstream sports, many condemned him and his teammates for their involvement as many argued it overshadowed a tremendous victory. Some may even argue that Conor McGregor and his teammates have also played a role in their post-fight brawl, as there are reports that suggest so.

As UFC president Dana White condemned Khabib’s actions during the aftermath of his championship bout, it seems understandable considering the negative publicity the UFC was probably going to get after that whole incident took place. After all, there’s a lot of stereotypes on how the sport of MMA and it’s fighters are perceived and on top of the fact that the whole melee brawl took place, there’s a good chance that the people who like to smear MMA will use the incident as a way to fuel their fire.

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One the other hand, even though there was much controversy surrounding the event, one must not forget the positive outlooks on what the PPV has brought for the UFC. Considering that the UFC has recently hit records in all-time low PPV business, UFC 229 not only broke the record for most PPV buys with 2.5 million, but has also generated a lot of interest for not only the UFC, but for Khabib and McGregor as well. With UFC 230 at Madison Square Garden on the horizon,could this be an indication that the UFC will see a huge step up in business if PPV and gate business starts to increase? Or will UFC find a way to squander their momentum and eventually head for the worst?

Articel By: Ibrahim Awadalla