Curadh Breagach (False Champion) The story of UFC’s and the media’s love affair with Conor McGregor

By: Josh Wenburg

(Monday December 12, 2016)– Conor McGregor is UFC’s first dual division champion. Its historic but yet he is a false champion. He has never defended his Featherweight belt and now he is the Lightweight champ, and now he is planning a ten month hiatus from the sport. When Conor returns to UFC, its unknown who he will face and in what division. Seeing as he is currently 1-1 with Nate Diaz a possible third fight could be next. Nate has fought at lightweight before so its possible that the Lightweight belt could be on the line. Then again a third belt could be in the Notorious one’s future. A rumored bout with Tyron Woodley UFC’s Welterweight champ is also a possibility, seeing as those two have a feud. Max Holloway and Jose Aldo wait for him at featherweight. A bevy of contenders await him at lightweight including Tony Ferguson and The Eagle Khabib Nurmagomedov. Shockingly enough this is not the first time Conor has been a dual division champ and never defended either belt. He was the Cage Warriors Championship Lightweight and Featherweight Champion. After he had defeated Ivan Buchinger, he signed with UFC. Now Mr McGregor isn’t the only dual division champ out there. David Branch a former UFC fighter himself is currently WSOF Light Heavyweight and Middleweight champion. He first won the Middleweight title after submitting Jesse Taylor at WSOF 10, not only winning the belt but the WSOF Middlewieght tournament. He then defended his belt against UFC vet Yushin Okami at WSOF 15. When WSOF announced a Light Heavyweight Tournament, Branch signed up. Even thou he was the promotions Middleweight Champ, he was an underdog because he was undersized at 205. He proved doubters wrong including myself, winning the tourny. He went on to defend his new belt at WSOF 33 besting UFC vet Vinny Magalhaes. Branch is currently scheduled to meet Strikeforce vet Louis Taylor at WSOF 35. Now Branch is a true champion not only is a dual division champ, but he has defended both belts, which is they say it is only after defending your title or belt can you call your self a true champion.

Thus is why Conor McGregor is a false champion, he hasn’t ever defended any of his belts. But yet because of his silver snake-like tongue and a siren like voice, when he speaks people listen and hang on every word. Which is odd given his humble upbringing. Conor is a great fighter he has thunderous power in his hands and when it calls for it sub par grappling. When you look at his big wins they are all in the first round. When it goes past the second or third his cardio falters. His three loses are all submissions, yet a majority of his oppitisition is fellow strikers who fall right into Conors game. Granted he does have a win over Chad Mendes but that is it. When you compare the two dual division champions it’s no contest when it comes to who is the true dual division champ. Its David Branch. I have a feeling McGregors run as a dual champ will be short-lived. Branch on the other hand I don’t see him lossing anytime soon. It has nothing to do with the fighters in WSOF vs UFC, it’s simply the fact that when McGregor faces people who can best him on the ground and out cardio him, he will falter. Now given the current state of MMA  and the young hungry fighters out there I think there will be more dual division champs. I know the VFC in Iowa have one in Robert Emerson but where he won the Featherweight via injury and retirement, I will not make a assumption on whether he is a true champion or not. The media loves guys like McGregor, for one they alone can sell there fights, two they demand attention, and three its easy to report on or write about guys or girls who practically do your job for you. McGregor is practically a media darling, he is both loved and hated. When you are known world-wide even before beating Jose Aldo in 13s, its easy to see why when you watch one interview with him. He oozes confidence and brashness, granted he is selfish and arrogant, but flipping fans off and throwing water bottles is pure asinine. Yet the media just ate him up, why because he just helped them write their next article or post. I will not include my personal feelings toward McGregor because one why and two people like Mcgregor thrive off of what people say about him both good and bad. In conclusion Conor McGregor is a true media darling but what he isn’t is a true champion. Until he can defend just on of his belts will he earn that title.



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