CURTIS BLAYDES – A real UFC heavyweight prospect

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(Thur, March 34, 2017)– Curtis Blaydes is an American mixed martial artist who has done what very few have done before him. He has battled his way into the UFC with little to no professional coaching in his corner. This undoubtedly was an amazing accomplishment and a solid indication of the enormous amount of potential Blaydes possessed. Despite his raw skills, many MMA critics were surprised Blaydes made it into the UFC without professional coaching.

Curtis stands a hulking 6’4” in height and tips the scale around 265 lbs. With the nickname of ‘Razor’, Blaydes is quick, aggressive, and is capable of displaying thunderous power inside the cage. He has a strong wrestling background and is a former college state wrestling champion. Blaydes entered the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) in the beginning of 2016 with a professional MMA record of 5 – 0 (5).

His first bout in the UFC was the dangerous and explosive Francis Ngannou, a fighter who most considered to be a rising heavyweight on a fast track at becoming a top ten contender. Ngannou was undefeated in the UFC and some MMA critics described Ngannou as having the vibe of a future champion. It was a disappointing loss for Blaydes. He was never knocked out or submitted by Ngannou. He was ready and eager to continue. It was the doctors who brought a stop to the fight in the second round due to a damaged eye.

Curtis continued on in the UFC with impressive victories over Cody East and Adam Milstead. Blaydes ability to manhandle Adam Milstead, whom many seen as a possible future prospect, forced the doubters to reevaluate their early views.

Fans are realizing Blaydes is more then an up and comer and many of the early nonbelievers have began seeing Blaydes in a different light, the light of a future heavyweight star.

Curtis has gained coaching since his arrival to the UFC. It is clear the coaching assistance has provided a major improvement in a fight game that was already soaring at incredible heights.

Curtis presents himself as a level headed fighter who understands the importance of conditioning. It is his ‘one step at a time’ attitude that could be his best attribute. Curtis is not only one of the top young athletes in the sport but also has what seems to be a genuine willingness to learn and have patience, perhaps two of the most important factors in generating a successful career.

Blaydes continues to progress in his game. He has improved with each of his fights. Even in his loss to Francis Ngannou Blaydes gained measurable amounts of valuable experience. The loss made him aware of the weak links in his chain and rather than being satisfied with the results he has elected to take it to the next level.

Blaydes rebounded from the Ngannou loss by incorporating high altitude training into his work ethic. Many MMA fighters focus on high elevation training to increase their performance in the cage.

Curtis has joined up with the Colorado Elevation Fight Team and has displayed noticeable improvements. The addition of the Colorado Elevation Fight Team has expanded Curtis’s performance and endurance tremendously. Blaydes is improving with each fight. He is learning with each fight. Most fighters have worn thin their skills by the time they reach the midway point of their UFC ascent. Blaydes seems refreshingly different. With a 7-1 (7) professional record he is gaining steam as he begins his climb up the UFC heavyweight mountain.

Curtis Blaydes (MMA professional record)
Adam Milstead February 4, 2017 Win TKO (Knee injury) Round 2
Cody East October 1, 2016 Win TKO (Elbows) Round 2
Francis Ngannou April 10, 2016 Loss TKO (Doctor stoppage) Round 2
Luis Cortez February 19, 2016 Win TKO (Punches) Round 3
Allen Crowder April 10, 2015 Win TKO (Punches) Round 2
Brad Faylor November 15, 2014 Win TKO (Punches) Round 2
William Baptiste October 11, 2014 Win TKO (Punches) Round 1
Lorenzo Hood May 31, 2014 Win TKO (Doctor stoppage) Round 1

“Blaydes cut his UFC teeth against Francis Ngannou, one of the best up and coming heavyweights in the UFC. The outcome was a loss, but do not be surprised to see Blaydes learn from this setback. Do not be surprised to see Blaydes adjust, adapt, and respond by evolving into a higher level heavyweight. The kind of heavyweight with the stuff it takes to redeem this loss down the road.” – TOMMY V.

By: Thomas Vickers (MMA sports writer)

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