Dakota Cochrane Shocks the World, Knocking out Johny Hendricks on Two Days Notice

On November 7th, just two days before WBKFF was set to make their promotional debut in Casper, Wyoming, Johny Hendricks would arrive, and decline a fight with Ward after he pulled out and request his position back on the card. Before Hendricks could even leave the lobby, the Wyoming Commission would approve his new opponent, Dakota Cochrane, in which they would immediately face off. ‘Rise of the Titans’ had a new co-main event attraction.

Originally having to cut to 177lbs, as he was first set to take on Marcelo Alfaya, Cochrane would now have to make 185lbs (1 pound allowance), in which he was already weighing in at.

The stars would align for the 45 fight MMA veteran.

Hendricks, who said the next morning, didn’t expect Cochrane to come out of the gate as quick as he did. Johny expected a feeling out process, he tells Adam LeBarr. While ‘Big Rigg’ would make it into the second round, the fight would end 21 seconds later.

After a massive right hand, Hendricks would suffer a broken nose, bleeding profusely on the mat. Cochrane would now walk away victorious, shocking the world, defeating a former UFC welterweight champion.

Seeing Dakota after the fight back at the hotel, he had nothing but a cut on his knuckle from the fight. Ready to move forward, his goal is to be a WBKFF champion, and what a start to that journey Cochrane has had.

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