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Dana White On Jones Return

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Thursday May 21st, 2015– In a recent interview with The Jim Rome Show, Dana White discussed the return of the now former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones.

“He comes right back and he fights for the title. He hasn’t had the time that Anderson Silva’s had, but he is the most dominant champion. If you look at the murderer’s row of the 205-pound division that he went through, and he just went through it like a hot knife through butter, I mean, he’s the man. So whenever he gets his stuff together, he’d come right back and fight for the title.”

With no timeline for when the former champ would return, and assuming he can get his personal life in order, it might be safe to say MMA fans have not seen the last of the man known as “Bones.” This makes the 205-pound division one to keep your eye on regardless of the winner at UFC 187

By: Alex Barrientos (MMA_Fan)


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