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Das Wunderkind Von MMA Legacy Fighting Alliance 28: Jackson vs. Luna

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DALLAS, TX (Sat, December 9, 2017)– This past Friday, Dec. 8th 2017 saw The Bomb Factory Dallas, TX host Legacy Fighting alliance 28.

Damon “The leech” Jackson took on long time rival and vengeful antagonist, Luis Luna.

The distinct stench of retribution permeated this Lightweight Championship bout with the unequivocal promise to abrogate convention, and let loose a torrent of Gluteus Maximus destruction hitherto unknown to both fighters.

Emotions leveled the Richter scale as both combatants rose to unprecedented challenges against one another, one to avenge himself, the other to cement his reputation as a consistent force to be reckoned with.

LFA28 Main Card:

Main Event:

Lightweight: 155lbs.

Damon Jackson (13-2-1) vs. Luis Luna (14-7)

Light Heavyweight: 205lbs.

Alonzo Menifield (4-0) vs. Otavio Lacerda (9-4)

Bantamweight: 135lbs.

Miles Johns (5-0) vs. Caio Machado (10-4)

Steven Peterson (16-6) vs. Dustin winter (6-4)

Nikolay Vertennikov (5-3) vs. Melvin Jordan (5-3)

Ramiz Brahimaj (5-0) vs. Ben Simons (2-0)

Cameron Miller (3-2) vs. Ricky Esquibel (3-0)

Jackson a native of Dallas and UFC alumnus fights out of Octagon MMA and holds a Blue belt in BJJ. His opponent Luna also a Texan, hails from Seminole.

For both fighters this match up finally put to rest a contentious grudge that began in 2013, Jackson won that bout but not without controversy.

In that bout, Jackson pinned Luna to the cage and delivered illegal knees causing a fight stoppage.

What followed was a seeming sucker punch from Luna as both fighters began fighting on the Refs order. Feigning a glove touch, Luna instead unloaded a punch catching everyone by surprise.

To be fair, fighters will sometimes play a Cat and Mouse game where they’ll put their extended arm and thus hand on the mat to avoid eating knees and being KO’d, but as soon as an opportunity presents itself, they’ll remove the hand to advance a tactical position. Further, in the heat of fighting exchanges when punches and kicks are thrown with ferocity and millisecond frequency and sometimes with abandon, a fighter does not always perceive the intended target with accuracy. Blows will go awry.

Striking a fighter while they have a hand on the mat from a crouching position is illegal.

This was the cause of consternation with Luna and his team. Convinced of dirty play by Jackson, he determined that he’d avenge his loss. But alas, conceiving in the mind does not always make it so, de jure.

LFA28 was an amazing card. The talent was nothing short of mind boggling. The fights were among some of the most exciting, thrilling and exhilarating this scribe has ever attended. Cannot say enough about how this promotion is “handling” business, very impressive indeed. The venue itself was the perfect size. Sound, lighting, music, seating, all top notch.

Cameron Miller vs. Ricky Esquibel

Round 1:

Both fighters advance and immediately attempt takedowns. Cameron is able to take Esquibel to the ground and mounts him. Esquibel manages to scramble to his feet as both fighters tumble to the cage.

Tables turn often in MMA. Esquibel takes Miller to canvas, Miller slides out of deaths door and offers Esquibel a consolation prize by way of a standing guillotine attempt. Evidently Esquibel doesn’t like prizes, as he tucks his chin in foiling the attempt. He returns the favor and applies an RNC from Hell, defeating Miller in the first round.

Both these fighters were masterful in their display of BJJ and wrestling. And with Esquibel we saw patience in his timing and temperment.

Ramiz Brahimaj vs. Ben Simons

Round 1:

Charging each other and locked in an unholy embrace, Ramiz engulfs Simons with a guillotine that quickly does what it’s meant to. Lights out and submission with a guillotine choke.

Nikolay Veretennikov vs. Melvin Jordan

Round 1:

From Kazakhstan and a Gracie BJJ disciple, Veretennikov seemed confident and starts the confrontation with strikes. Jordan counters with kicks. Both fighters then throw a flurry of punches and clinch.  Nikolay manages a leg sweep dropping Jordan to the canvas. A quick mount followed by punches, which Jordan does not defend and it’s all over. TKO win via strikes for Veretennikov.

Steven Peterson vs. Dustin Winter

Round 1:

Peterson a Muay Thai specialist fighting out of Dallas, TX. Brought some impressive skills to the fight against his Seattle Washington opponent. This bout was textbook BJJ 101. Smooth transitions,flawless passing of guard and the display of incredible technique. Fight ends quickly with Peterson punching his way to a TKO victory via strikes.

Miles Johns vs. Caio machado

Round 1:

Johns fights out of Dallas whilst Machado hails from Brazil and is a BJJ and Boxing specialist.

Machado starts this meeting of the minds with tester kicks. Both Men paced each other. Miles then picks up Machado and slams him to the canvas. Machado is able to get to his feet and trade. The speed with which this game played out is clear, as Machado knocks Johns to the canvas and tries to wrap it up with an RNC.  Unable to get his arm under Johns’ neck, the bell saves the round.

Round 2:

Miles begins the onslaught with strikes that bloody and bruise Machado’s nose and face. Machado responds in kind with low kicks, attempts no doubt, to chop away at Johns’ legs. Both fighters stricke wildly at each other. Machado seemed to slow a bit and endured more strikes directly to his now bloodied face. In an act of defiance or perhaps to unnerve johns, Machado slides his hand from his forehead all the way down his visage and licks his own blood to the amusement of the fans. Johns was neither impressed nor fazed.

Round 3:

Final rounds always develop urgency. This was no different. Miles strikes with continued accuracy and renders Machado’s face to ground beef. Machado takes a break between the trading and banging to showboat, flitting his feet ala-Ali. Miles focused on the prize at hand takes his interlocutor down and controls him on the ground until the bell, and takes a unanimous win.

Alonzo Menifield vs. Jose Otavio dos Santos Lacerda

Co-main Event:

Round 1:

Brutal start. Menifield charges Lacerda and takes him down with intent and conviction. He mounts him and tries to choke him out. Lacerda is having none of it, he scrambles to his feet only to be brought to the canvas again. Then the “nutting” happens, as Menifield sends a knee squarely to Lacerda’s groin. Fight is stopped.

Upon resumption, both fighters target each other with punches. Lacerda tries a takedown by lunging for Menifield’s hips but misses and gets swept. Once on the ground, he’s mounted and blasted with elbows and punches but survives until the bell.

Round 2:

Menifield advances and drops Lacerda with a straight punch to the nose, mounts him and destroys him with punches. With a lousy job at defending himself, Lacerda falls by the wayside and the Ref calls it in the second, via TKO punches.

Main Card:

Main Event:

Damon Jackson vs. Luis Luna

Round 1:

Both fighters came out of the gate roaring like Lions. Lots to decide this night fueled by cantankerous apathy.

Combos, kicks and punches are thrown. Neither fighter backs down from moving forward.  No one wants to be seen as retreating or giving quarter to the other. Jackson manages to pick Luna and slam him towards the cage. Applies a standing choke but is unable to sustain his grip.  Holding Luna by the waist against the cage, Jackson sweeps him forcing him to the ground and side control. Luna is able to scramble and get to his feet.

Jackson sends a strike right to Luna’s face, drops him, takes his back and applies a RNC for the win.


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