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Derrick Kennington bringing killer instinct to Valor 45

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CHATTANOOGA (Fri, October 20, 2017)– Before Derrick Kennington returns to action at Valor 45 on Saturday in Chattanooga, LIVE on FloCombat, the well-travelled veteran caught up with FightBookMMA.

How are you feeling going into Valor 45?

Man, I feel great. I feel better than most of my fights. I had a last minute opponent change stir things up and I feel ready. I’m more ready than I’ve ever been.

Do you feel like you’re still improving as a fighter?

Oh yeah, absolutely. I feel like I’m improving every single day. I’ve been in the game eleven years now, and I feel like I’m still improving every day. I’m always trying to improve my skillset and be an all-around complete fighter – for myself as a fighter and a coach.

How important is your fighting to your coaching?

I think it’s very important, just because a lot of fighters don’t want to be coached by somebody who’s never fought or been in the cage. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of intelligent guys out there who’ve never fought or probably never will fight, but, for me it’s something that allows me to talk to my guys and look in their eyes and know exactly how they’re feeling. I know the things I like to do and I want them to feel that I understand their routines and pre-fight rituals. If there are certain things they like to hear before they fight, I understand because there are certain things I like to hear before I fight. I like people to act a certain way in the locker room and warm up a certain way. I’m like that and I know other fighters are like that. I’m already ahead of the game as a result – I know the entire experience around a fight. I know it’s very important for a lot of fighters to have a coach who fights as well. It’s really helped my coaching as well.

What’s the ideal outcome for this fight?

The ideal is a first-round finish, no matter who the opponent was going to be. I started playing the MMA points system game over my last several fights and I don’t know why. It took me nineteen professional fights to ever have a decision and I’ve had three decisions since that nineteenth fight. I’ve found my killer instinct again with this fight camp.


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