Devon Cannon talks about his fight at CFC 5 and says that he wants to fight for the title

Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships (CFC) 5 will take place on Saturday October 20, 2018 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee at the Mid TN Expo Center. Event doors will open at 630 p.m. and fights will start at 730 pm.

FightBookMMA sat down with one of the fighters on the card Devon Cannon. He’s a soldier at Fort Campbell army base. He’s participated in army Combatives Tournaments and trains with current CFC fighters Jeremiah Hill and Alex Nuanez. This fight at CFC 5 will be his MMA debut. He will be taking on Ebi Sikpi. Check out the conversation he had with CEO of FightBookMMA Roberto Villa.

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Devon thanks for taking the time to talk to me with only a few days until weigh-ins and fight night.

Thank you for talking with me

Hows the weight cut going everything going to plan?

Everything is good me and the team have been working hard the weight is falling off

What made you decide to fight in the cage?

I love testing my body by putting it though hell and seeing where I fare

Devon we hear you have competed in Combative tournaments in the army. Do you feel that has given you the experience that other debuting fighters didn’t have?

I started fighting through the army combatives program that’s where I started to learn basic MMA skills

You train with 2 other fighters also fighting October 20th Alex Nuanez and Jeremiah Hill. What’s it like training with those guys?

Alex is my friend from the combatives side we have competed before together and traveled all over together I met Jeremiah through Alex and he is super tough and both of them will taste victory come Saturday

What do you favor…Grappling or standup?

Grappling but I love to test where I fare on my feet

Let do a quick rapid questions.

1.) Favorite food.


2.) Type of music you listen to when you’re training.


3.) Last one, celebrity crush.

Selena Gomez

How do you envision your fight against Ebi Sikpi at CFC 5 going?

I’m going to win

We hear you are a big lightweight. Do you plan on staying at lightweight or changing divisions?

Right now I feel good at lightweight but that is a possibility as I move on in my career

Have you got to see the CFC rankings…is there anyone in the top 5 you would like to fight at lightweight?

I see gold and I want it so I’d like the title

Anything you want to tell Ebi before y’all step in the cage?

Let’s give them a show see you Saturday night

Thanks again for your time. Lets talk again before your next bout. Do you have any shout outs or anyone you want to thank the floor is yours.

My wife, my family, coaches, Alex, Jeremiah, Cody, Joe and everyone else that helped me in one point of my life