Elias Garcia: The Comeback Part 1

Elias Garcia: The Comeback Part 1

January 31st, 2014. The stage is set, two undefeated fighters are ready to do battle. In one corner you have the Olympic Gold medalist who is destined for the big show. In the other you have the scrappy fighter who has had to fight for everything he has in his life. It is early in round one, Henry Cejudo has put his high caliber wrestling on the back burner and decided to stand and throw with Elias Garcia. Garcia slips a shot and cracks Cejudo with an overhand right that sends his eyes rolling like a slot machine. This is it, the defining moment, the little guy from a little gym in a little town is about to shock the fight community. “We were exchanging and i felt my hand connect really well. I knew I hurt him but emotions got the best of me and I rushed in instead of picking my shots and avoiding the take down.” The bell rings to signal the end of the 3rd round. There is no need to go to the score cards, after 15 minutes of take down after the take down the decision is imminent, Cejudo had won. “I was disappointed with how the fight turned out. I had broke my hand early. I remember thinking it is going to suck taking this glove off. At the same time I was happy with the fact that, even with my broken hand, I was still able to get back to my feet on more than one occasion against an Olympic wrestler.” Elias knows that, win or lose, you leave a fight learning something knew about yourself. With his positive attitude he was able to take the loss in a respectable manner and continue on with his life. There was still the matter of the broken hand. After the hype of the fight Garcia had to visit a doctor. As he suspected, the hand was broken, and would require surgery. His recovery was set at 6-8 weeks, with absolutely no training for the first 4-5 weeks. To keep his mind on fighting, he continued to help teach classes at Weapons at Hand in Corpus Christi, Texas. Staying close to the sport is good, but not being able to participate was weighing heavy on Garcia, literally. “The hardest thing to cope with was being a fatty, I went from working out 3 times a day to none.” Finally the good news came, he was cleared for training. From then on it was like he never took the time off. Garcia jumped right back into a “fight camp” regime, training all day starting with strength and conditioning coach Trey Lopez at 110 Premium Training in Corpus Christi and ending with his Coach Rudy Valenzuela at Weapons at Hand. The hard work has paid off, as Elias is already planning on his next fight which should be finalized in the coming days. If the fighting community should take anything away from Elias story, it is that his heart is what keeps him going. Through this difficult setback he has stayed positive, stuck to his rehab, and now is training for his comeback fight. After 3 rounds of being held down, I imagine the next over hand right he lands will be highlight worthy.




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