Europes Leading Combat Sports Organization Is Finally Coming To The U.S.

After dominating Europe with 23 spectacular events, Final Fight Championship
(FFC) will hit America with a powerful 1-2 punch this summer.
The fastest growing combat sports organization in Europe, Final Fight
Championship (“FFC”) kicks off their U.S. lineup of events Friday June 3rd,

Originally from Zagreb, Croatia, Final Fight Championship is a European combat
sports organization that promotes two of the most exciting sports in the world…
MMA & Kickboxing. Due to its increasing popularity and huge public interest, FFC is
the fastest growing combat sports organization on earth. FFC President, Orsat
Zovko, and Hoplite Entertainment CEO Jon Smith have officially announced their
formal partnership, and confirmed that the FFC will soon hold its first U.S. events.
Confident of the their success, the FFC has relocated, and is now headquartered in
Los Angeles, Ca.

The concept of FFC events has an exciting twist, new to the U.S., and unique to
the organization. Live audiences will have a unique opportunity to see two
completely different shows in one evening. First, six MMA pairings go head-to-head,
each for three spectacular rounds to see who will reign champion. Suddenly, the
arena is transformed into a kickboxing lovers dream.. and it begins. Six kickboxing
matches go toe-to-toe to satisfy the hungry spectator. More than one-hundred top
fighters from all over the world are contracted to the FFC, including as Robin Van
Roosmalen, Karo Parisyan, Ricco Rodriguez, Dion Staring, Roger Narvaez, Matt Van
Buren, Danillo Villefort, David Mitchell, And kickboxing superstars Hesdy Gerges,
Pavel Zhuravlev and Mladen Brestovac, sure to provide the energy and spectacle of
modern gladiators. These seasoned specialists guarantee a riveting show.
The first event in the United States, FFC 24, is to take place June 3rd at Ocean
Center Arena in Daytona Beach, Florida. Hitting the U.S. market strong, FFC owners
have arranged an amazing fight card. Former UFC fighter, Karo Parisyan is looking
to prove that he still has plenty in his tank as he is set to take on Germany’s upand-comer
Arda Adas. FFC Welterweight Champ and undefeated star Laszlo Senyei
is set to defend his belt in a highly anticipated title defense against Chris Curtis.
While former UFC fighter and founder of the famous Blackzilians Gym, Danillo
Villefort will find himself in the opposite corner of the ring from Justin Baesman.

Former UFC roster member Roger Narvaez will face Britain’s Judoka Pavel Doroftei
in a match which will determine the first FFC Middleweight Champion.
Just as the excitement is running high, FFC 25, strikes again only seven days later
with an equally explosive fight card at Springfield MassMutual Center Arena. There,
they will host a title fight card including former Strikeforce fighter and FFC champ
Dion Staring who will defend his belt against Europe’s young and rising MMA talent
Darko Stošić. Also, FFC lightweight champion Ahmed Vila will take a swing at his
second FFC belt… this time in the featherweight category. His opponent will be
Britain’s talented Chris Fishgold. Let’s not forget to mention former UFC fighter
David Mitchell, Tyler East, Dale Sopi, and Leo Leite. This event will also feature six
spectacular kickboxing fights with some of the biggest stars of the sport…
Including FFC champions – Mladen Brestovac and Pavel Zhuravlev.
These are just the first of many global events through the formal partnership
announced by FFC President, Orsat Zovko and CEO of Hoplite Entertainment, Jon

Jorge Michelan Vs. Arda Adas
Danillo Villefort Vs. Thiago Rela Constantino Jiuliani
Desmond Green Vs. Desmon Hill
Matt Van Buren Vs. Jeremy Kimball
Valdir Araujo Jr.. Vs. ROBERTO NEVES
Chris Curtis Vs. Leo Bercier

Mladen Brestovac Vs. STEVEN BANKS
Tigran Movsisyan Vs. Jovan Davis
Michael Sudyod Stripling VS John Morehouse
Kit Ruddock Vs. Robert Mosier
Johnny Baldridge Vs. Cleveland Mclean

Both events will be aired live on CBS Sports Network as well as
For more information, or for tickets, please go to