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Saving Huey Foundation

Combat Sports Unite for common Cause

End Dog Fighting 

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WEDNESDAY JULY 20, 2016 Dog fighting, the mere mention of the “sport” brings a very strong reaction inside our minds and hearts. The idea of animals forced to partake in brutality against their will is beyond Inhumane. In neighborhoods around this planet heartless souls chain up dogs in all types of weather, without shelter, without medical attention and without concern for their lives.

The typical dog fighting set up contains heavy chains which end up breaking the dogs skin sometimes becoming embedded in their skin as they grow bigger and the chains grow tighter around their necks. Most these death camps include a “rape rack”. Which is used to breed female dogs by tying them up to a rack so they can’t bite or run from the males. These dogs are overbred having litter after litter if their off spring are successful killers. Once they become no longer useful, they are hung, shot, electrocuted or drowned.

Beyond the disturbing practices of breeding, housing and disposal of these dogs lies another scary fact. These dog abusers often find bait animals for their dogs to practice on. These animals are often picked up off Craigslist “free pets” or In online “free pets” sections. They are considered worthless. These people will put cats and smaller dogs in bags and throw them to the dogs or hang them in trees to encourage the prey drive in their fighting dogs. They will take the timid and more meek dogs, who will not fight and use them as bait. They often file down or remove bait dogs teeth. Sometimes they prefer to duct tape their mouths shut so they cannot defend themselves against the other dogs. These animals endure a brutal and fearful short existence. No love, only horrific, debilitating mental and physical pain until they are killed by a dog or the “owners.” Very few make it out alive from these despicable rings.

Saving Huey- When The Dark Night Seems Endless, Please Remember Me:

Enter Mr. Huey. I remember the morning the call for help went out locally in Southern California. An under nourished, frail, bite marked and infection riddled dog was found. His picture made it across my feed as he was found wondering the streets of and Inland Empire neighborhood. Near death, clinging to life, he was picked up by two experienced rescuers. The animal rescue community sprung into action. Immediately funds were being raised for his medical bills. Citizens began to donate chicken and rice and blankets to help him in what we prayed were not his last hours. With labored breathing he fought for every breath he took. The first 24 hours many of us looked for hourly updates on his condition. It was clear to see this poor boy had seen a life of abuse. Missing part of his jowl , snout deformed from being taped, infections so bad he could not keep down food. He was vomiting and had diarrhea for the first few days.
Tracy ( his foster-mother) stayed by his side not sleeping, just trying to provide water and food, but most of all compassion and love.

Huey saw many nurses and doctors. He had many medicines topical and administered orally. What he had the most of ️was chicken and love. Regularly locals would drop off chicken and rice (which is bland enough for upset tummies) hugs and words of encouragement. Soon he began to gain weight. Sleep however was another issue. Huey had night terrors. The darkness brought on memories of abuse and brutality even in a bed beside his foster mom, he would shake in fear and whine.

It didn’t take long for Tracy to realize Huey held her heart. He was meant to be in her pack. A foster for many other animals already, she adopted Huey. He now had a safe and loving forever home, probably for the first time in his young life. As Huey beat the odds and became stronger and more healthy He began to bond with other animals in her home. Although he had endured a life of abuse and neglect, he had so much love to give.

“Today Huey is a transformed dog. He has overcome his extreme fear of the dark, although he still doesn’t like to go pee at night. I have to stand there beside him while he goes, and then he runs back in. His nightmares are less than they were, although he still suffers. He used to shake and Yelp so hard that he would wake up and vomit wherever he was. Now he finds comfort sharing my pillow and laying practically on top of me. He has been through two training camps to help him adjust to such a different life. He is so kind and gentle with all of the special needs cases that I bring in and I truly believe he remembers and understands. ” -Tracy
“We decided to file for official foundation/rescue status once the rescue began to grow. I had done independent rescue for years and years and went along at my own pace. After I took Huey in, I decided that I wanted to focus on special needs/abuse/dog fighting cases because there weren’t enough rescues out there for them. As Huey’s page grew and more and more people became aware of his situation, the requests for help began to increase. It was decided that by obtaining non-profit status, we could increase our donations, and therefore help more animals. So far this year we have spent over $1,000 paying for spays/neuters of animals that are not in our possession. We have provided over $1000 in vetting to animals that are not in our possession and spent several thousands of dollars on special needs cases that are in our possession. “-Tracy

That warrior mentality is something that we as combat sports fans, can appreciate. Another common thread between Huey and many of our favorite fighters is a rough past which developed into success and a purpose.

Dogs are forced to fight Combat athletes are not. Fighters step into a cage on their own free will armed with hours or training with a referee to save them from themselves when their warrior spirit wants them to continue but it is no longer safe for them too. Many go home after long days in the gym to dogs they consider family. Our dogs console us during the hard times with Judgement free love. We never let them down. They celebrate the good times with tail wags and “smiling” along side of us, because let’s face it, they smile. They rely on us to protect them and in turn they save our souls daily by showing us pure unconditional love. As fight fans one of our commonalities to our favorite fighters is our adored pets. We may not know the feeling of holding that strap above our heads Im victory but we know the feeling of holding that paw to shake. I can’t secure a Rear naked choke but I can secure that leash on my kids best friend for walks. I reached out to some up and comers as well as vets in our beloved sport to get their opinion on the subject.

Below you will find a small snippet of what the combat sports world has to say as well as pictures with their little buddies. To follow Huey and other special needs animals available for adoption go here.

Here are what the fighters had to say:

Christian Savoie MMA Pro:

“As you stated, at the end of the day, we chose to do what we do. Also, in a dogs mind, it is fighting for its life, where we (humans) know that it’s simply a competition. There’s no comparison, two completely different types of violence.”

Linton Vassell Bellator MMA Pro:

“Dog fight is another one that I can’t stand, how can you let your pet fight to the death and kill another dog, no pet should go through this, the dog knows no difference so this is the only world it knows, this needs to stop now. Come on people we are killing dog’s just for a bit of money and for sick entertainment for some, this is so wrong.”
Alan Jouban UFC MMA Pro:

“Treat dogs like the loving animals that they are and they will love you right back the same, my dog Buster is not just my dog, but a big part of our family”
Ace Hill MMA Pro:

“The people partaking in inhumane acts such as animal fighting are the scum of the earth, I don’t see how could you can do something so terrible to such loving creatures.”

Josh Diekmann MMA Pro:

“My name is Josh Diekmann and I am many things. For example, I am a mason. I am an athlete. I am an aspiring would be musician. I am also a professional fighter. These are some of the things I enjoy doing or at the very least things I have chosen to do. As it pertains to fighting, I chose to start fighting a long, long time ago because I felt that I needed a challenge. Since then, I chose 20 some more times to do that again. I chose to expose myself to those conditions, and I chose to sign off on my well-being in exchange for the experience being in the cage would provide me. Notice how I said “I Chose”. At no point did anyone ever physically force me to walk through that door. Were there times I felt pressure? Of course. Did I always have the option of backing out? Yes, I absolutely did. Prize fighting is done for many reasons, ig.. money, fame, pride etc… but it isn’t or should I say never be done by force. As a means of survival. No matter who, or what you are.

I listed above a few of the things I do or enjoy doing, but one of the things I love most are my dogs. Any of my animals for that matter. They are my children. I have numerous opinions on dog fighting, the people who watch dog fights, and the people who compete (for lack of a batter term) in dog fighting. (That sounds f*cked up even when I type it)

The long and short of it is…. I believe that the overwhelming majority of the people involved in dog fighting, albeit handlers, trainers, owners or fans to be blood thirsty scum that like the thrill of blood and violence but are too (expletive) face, f*ck mouth, p*ssy to roll their sleeves up, put it on the line and get dirty for it themselves. Especially if you call that animal your pet.

I just feel that anyone caught contributing to something like that in any way would have to experience the very same thing. Put these f*cking hard asses in a cage, with another trained human, and let them get the full experience, not just the adrenaline.

Let them feel the clash of bone to bone. Let them hear the crash of solid shots landing on their skulls. Let them see…… triplets, if at all. That feeling, when you know you’re tired, but you’re not sure if the other guy is….. because thats what you’re really paying for. You’re just too much of a p*ssy to do it yourself.”

Andy Nguyen King of The Cage MMA Atom Weight Champ:

“It’s not a coincidence that a man’s best friend can’t talk”
Taylor starling MMA Smateur:

“Dogs are not our whole life but they do make our lives whole, they fear, they suffer, they want affection, they feel sadness, they love, they want to live. As human beings with a voice it is our job to be their voice and stop dog fighting and animal cruelty. Just because we want to fight does not mean they do.”

Roberto Villa Founder/President of FightBookMMA and Ex Ammy Kickboxer/Cage Fighter:

“To step in the cage or ring and stand toe-toe with another person in a controlled environment is totally different from getting two innocent animals especially dogs is something else. Dog fighting should not be allowed, I hate knowing that this is still going on and it breaks my heart that these dogs are put in a situation that they have no control over. I wish I can just rescue every single dog out there that’s being harmed not just in dog fighting but in all aspects of abuse. Domestic animals should be loved and taken care of and be treated as if they were your children like I do with my three furry kids. All of us that love animals need to stand together and put an end to this.”

Chris Toplack Radio Personality:

“Animals look to us to provide them with love, comfort and happiness. The second we take any of those three away, we have failed them. Dog fighting is a bloodsport and anyone who participates in this illegal activity deserves to face severe consequences from our judicial system.”

Darren Till UFC Fighter:

“Please be a voice to them” stop dog fighting.


Maureen Riordon Pro MMA, Kickboxer and Boxer:

“While many professional fighters are compared to gladiators because of the entertainment aspect, the truth is we are willing combatants, and despite how intimidating fighting can be it is something that each one of us feels compelled from our hearts to do of our own free will. It would not be glorified the way it is if we were truly slaves fighting for the entertainment of our masters. There is nothing glorified about forcing someone into a traumatic situation of fighting for their life. Dogs are forced to fight. They do not do it of their own free will to defend their territory, pack or food. I do not support dog fighting for entertainment. Nala, my komondor, is a working breed that is bred to defend its “flock” from wild animals. She would defend me and my children from attackers if the situation ever arose, but she would do so of her own free will, not by command and certainly not for entertainment. Nala is my best friend.”
MMA Fighter Ashley Samples:

“My most loyal friend, is an 8-year-old pitbull. She only lies when she’s in my arms, she has only stolen once and it was my heart. She never complains, she’s simply content by my side. Never angered just eager to smother me with kisses. She would never allow any harm to come to me. and has proven herself worthy of not just life but love and companionship. I cherish her above most people”
Matt Bassatte Pro CES MMA Fighter:

“There’s are very clear reasons why dogs are said to be a “man’s best friend”. These are animals, yes, but the loyalty, friendship, and unconditional love that they have for you is irreplaceable. I have cats. Not because I prefer one or the other, but it just so happens that I have cats. Haha”

Nick “The Ghost” Gonzaez retired MMA Pro:

“When you develop a bond with your dog it really is its man’s best friend. They are loyal and loving like no other friend you’ll ever have!”
Chelsea Rae MMA Amateur:

“Dog fighting is an inhumane practice that should be fully condemned and unaccepted. These animals don’t have the choice to fight like we do as humans. If I’m going to be maimed or killed in a fight, it’s something I have already set myself up for. These innocent animals are being used for plain morbid sport and its unjustifiable. My hope is that eventually it will be abolished and these animals can live in peace.”

Bryce Edminister MMA Amateur
Out of the Garage MMA:

“A fighter is a mixed martial artist that has committed a great portion of his or her time and energy to develop in his or her selected craft. As a mixed martial artist fighting for me is a privilege to test myself as I try to reach the next level in my fight game. I voluntarily sign a contract and often times end a fight by thanking my opponent with a handshake and a smile for the opportunity to put on a fun fight for the fans.

Dog fighting is the polar opposite. Humans attempt to gain money and profit as a dog is forced to fight. Dog fighting is a barbaric and unfortunate comparison to a true fighters way of life. My pups Jitsu and Kimura get spoiled while I do the fighting for all of us..and that’s how it should be.”

Trevor Ragin Glory Kickboxer:

“Our pets are like our children, they look up to us and do not deserve to be abused. They depend on us to lead them to a happy and healthy future. people making their dogs fight is nothing like the sport that we compete in. our sport is a fight but at the end of the day it is a sport. it is regulated and sanctioned, no one has the intention of causing life threatening harm on their opponents. dog fighting is wrong and needs to stop”

By: Jency Bettendorf (Korey Lane)



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